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A delight in every way 0

In FTL: Faster Than Light, you are tasked with bringing a crew of your choosing, running a ship of your choosing, and their precious intel on the Rebel fleet back to friendly territory. Over the course of doing so, you will encounter ion storms in nebulae, asteroid fields, helpless and hapless citizens needing your help, and ruthless pirates that want nothing more than to ruin your day. You will panic and your ship will explode. You will get unlucky and your ship will explode. You will make a wr...

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A Thrilling Space Combat Game That’s Both Addictive and Incredibly Fun. 0

FTL: Faster Than Light is an incredible game, born out of one of the first successful video game Kickstarters. You control your crewmembers as you attempt to take a message to the rebel fleet awaiting you on the other side of the galaxy. The federation’s ships hound you, nipping at your heels, often just a small jump away from where you are currently situated. The meat and potatoes of this game is it’s simplistic movement and deep combat. Once your FTL drive is charged, you can jump no another ...

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This game is superb, I'm still coming back to it. 0

This is a close as you can get to commanding your own star-ship. I have gone through phases of playing FTL heavily and then leaving it for a time only to become obsessed again without realizing it's even happening. The fact that it's one of the first big Kickstarter success stories adds some charm too I feel. If you are reading this you should go grab the demo off Steam right now and give it a whirl, that soundtrack!!!!!I know Roguelikes are a genre all of there own, I don't really know too much...

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Your personal Sci-Fi Epic of the day. 0

For any sci-fi fan, FTL fills the currently void gap (as far as I know) of commanding your own ship and crew through the unknown void of space, and making each and every FTL jump a tense and dramatic one. The game resembles closest the Battlestar Galactica series, as you are pitched with running from the Rebels that are chasing you across the galaxy. Throw on top of that the managing of familiar sci-fi-trope type of ship systems, such as in Star Trek, and the unknown dread and wonder of aimless ...

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It Hurts So Good 0

(Full Disclosure: I was a Kickstarter Backer for this game.)I just logged my 20th hour and the game, which ended in a grueling battle with the Rebels. Victory was so close I could taste it, but as hull breaches sucked out the oxygen from the ship, and as fire ravaged my weapon systems and shields, I could do nothing but shake my first at the uncaring universe as my ship exploded......again.FTL manages to be fun and cruel at the same time. You have the highs of blasting an automated ship to dust ...

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Video Review - FTL: Advanced Edition 0

FTL is a sci-fi themed Rogue-like which tasks the player with traversing randomized sectors of space in mission to defeat an enemy flagship. In the grand tradition of rogue-likes, this game can be punishing, with players often ending a run with nothing to show for it. While the main objective in the game is to beat the boss, a lot of the fun comes from unlocking new ships and layouts. The Advanced Edition makes this easier by offering more ways to get these unlocks. For more, check out the Video...

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FTL for Linux: Rogues in Space! 1

This review, like the ones to follow, will focus both upon the game itself and its Linux implementation. The reviewer dual-boots into Windows 7 and is thereby better equipped to cross-reference performance issues and the like.If FTL is any indication of the sort of quality we can expect from the games the Internet has collectively Kickstarted this year, Linux users should be prepared to lose hundreds of work hours to gaming in the coming months. Though the zeitgeist surrounding it has cooled som...

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A Short-Form Space-Faring Game that Truly Captures Your Imagination 0

FTL is a game unlike any I've ever played. On the surface, the game seems simple enough; you act as the commander of a vessel, controlling every crew member, every weapon, and every decision you come upon. You'll come across pirates looking to scuttle your ship, rebel fighters trying to take down your government, and civilians in need of your assistance; whether you give it or not is totally up to you. In fact, this is one of the main themes of FTL: choice. There's always a choice, even if ever...

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Sold to Roguelikes 0

I'm not a very adventurous person with what I eat every night, and I'm the same way with games. That being said, I had never played a roguelike before FTL. Needless to say, I'm sold on them. FTL manages to be cruel, but satisfying enough to keep you playing and pushing towards that last stand. After 39 hours of playtime, I finally logged my first victory, and it gave me that rush that I hadn't felt since Luigi's Mansion. Buy it....

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The Best Example of Space Captain Simulation Yet 0

It’s hard not to get hyperbolic when I talk about FTL. Is it technically perfect, by this or that standard? Maybe not. Maybe some random events repeat too often and maybe the balance of ships and weapons isn't flawless. But listen to me: FTL is a ground-breaking, earth-shaking, solar system-quaking, knock-out of doom. Awesome, fun, likeable doom.Permadeath is the buzzword you’ll be reading about more and more, and its latest popularity is probably due to the FTL-XCOM one-two punch that hit us in...

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Game of the Year every year. 0

Be a paragon of justice. Build impenetrable overshields with bot defenses and save the unfortunate from certain death.Or, be ruthless, kill everyone and take everything they own. Create an arsenal of wave beam and missile weapons. Bot drones, heavy lasers and ion chargers with chain shots to tear apart anyone willing to become a victim to your onslaught.Get to know different species and what specialties they can bring to your team.Earn different ships by doing various and inpromptu quests throug...

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Tough Luck 0

Last night I unlocked the Engi ship. I've been waiting to unlock a ship besides the Kestrel, and this one doesn't seem bad. It has an ion weapon that charge quickly. It has a drone, and no missiles. It has a perk that automatically heals crew, so they don't have to stand around in the medical bay. I'll have to make sure that I'm always well stocked on drone parts when I stop at the stores, and as always, fuel. You run out of fuel, and you become one of the many distress signals hopelessly pingin...

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Oregon Trail for the next generation. 0

Remember that really great time you had in Junior High playing a space cruiser simulator during gifted class? Yeah me neither, but that's exactly the vibe that FTL: Faster Than Light gives off. Think Oregon Trail: The Final Frontier. This unique and charming space simulator has an old school feel to it all around, yet still manages to stay fresh and intuitive.We don't often get strategy simulation titles coming down the pipe that are worth mentioning. FTL is, however, definitely a game you shoul...

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Ftl is almost too addicting 0

This game is really fun, and I always play 1 round when I have time. The complicatedness and yet so simple to understand make it super interesting, at every single beacon. all you need to know is to slow down and look for things that could give you profit, or end up in a quest. If you don't have this game, don't even read the rest of this review, just go buy it....

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A Fun, Challenging Throwback Game 0

In short, I had a lot of fun trying to beat FTL. I found the game to be a rewarding challenge where I constantly wanted to give it one more go after each death where I was oh-so-close to finally beating getting to the final world. Once I beat it a couple of times, I was done with it and likely won't go back (which I don't hold against the game). I don't know if I completely agree with how much everyone on Giant Bomb seemed to gush over this game, but I would encourage anyone to give it a try (th...

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Faster than you think 0

FTL is a great game which although seemingly simple to start with, is actually REALLY HARD! I have sunk many hours into FTL now, and can guarantee you are not going to have an easy time. The game requires you to play through multiple times ('a rouge-like'), in order to progress. My advise is, if you like any of the below, go get this game from Steam right now:Rouge-like games (e.g. Dark Souls)Star trekManaging power in X-Wing / Tie Fighterdying...

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FTL: Faster Than Light fulfills childhood sci-fi dreams 0

From humble beginnings as a Kickstarter project, space simulation FTL: Faster Than Light has blasted off and gone well over the moon, offering the experience to satisfy just about every intergalactic sci-fi dream those who grew up watching the likes of Star Wars or Star Trek could possibly ask for.Throughout the course of various playthroughs, witnessing the destruction of my intrepid vessel The Booty Bandit innumerable times, it became easier to appreciate the underlying interactions between pl...

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Challenging, seldom frustrating. 0

It wasn't really the quick looks or the lets plays that made me interested in FTL because when you watch it with untrained eyes it is really quite stale, impressive with all of its micromanagement and the administrative look of it sure, but it's just not very visual.That said, I am so glad that the good things I heard about it convinced me to buy it(It helped that it was cheap and would work fine on my potpal) because this baby is the Sci-Fi'est Sci-Fi that ever Sci-Fi'ed. And I love my Sci-Fi. ...

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An incredibly addictive game 0

"Space, the final fronti-OH MY GOD MY SHIP IS ON FIRE !" This pretty much sums up my experience with FTL. I find it difficult to describe what I exactly like in this game. The difficulty is not very well designed and sometimes you'll die for no good reason other that "You weren't lucky enough", the randomization becomes way too apparent after a while and the combat system gets really repetitive as well. So why do I like FLT so much ? Well, let's just say it took me 20 hours of playing this rogue...

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A Genuinely Interesting Indie Treat 0

FTL: Faster Than Light is a low budget indie game that exists in a strange but rather charming space somewhere between a roguelike and space sim. In it you command a ship carrying data vital to a futuristic military conflict and must travel through seven sectors of space, protecting it from rebels, pirates, and other adversaries wherever you may encounter them. At first glance FTL may seem daunting to newcomers, but it’s surprisingly easy to pick up and play, and it’s one of those games that cle...

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