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    Fuko Ibuki

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    Fuko is a first year student. Stubborn, naive, and has a strange sense of things.

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    Fuko is a first year student at Tomoya's school. She doesn't attend any classes, but instead hides away from fellow schoolmates to carve wood starfish. Tomoya thinks that they are stars, and Youhei thinks that they are shurikens. She refers to herself in third person and her short height causes people to underestimate her age.

    Fuko has the special ability to enter a dream-like trance when thinking of something wonderful, usually of starfish. She will remain so for an extended period of time and will become oblivious to all external stimuli. Fuko will deny any claim of her doing so. Tomoya may choose to play pranks on her and Fuko will be greatly annoyed by it, accusing Tomoya of being rude.

    Fuko is actually the same age as Tomoya, but she has been in coma for 2 years, thus is repeating her first year. She is carving starfish for distribution to all the students of the school to invite them to attend the wedding of her sister Kouko.


    Fuko's sister, Kouko was engaged to Yusuke. Soon after Fuko's first day of school, she met with a road accident. She had been in coma ever since and was admitted to a hospital in the neighboring town. Kouko decided to delay her wedding until after Fuko recovered so that Fuko could attend it.

    Fuko has the ability to project images of herself and she projected an image of her in school. Students reported her presence as a ghost sighting.


    Fuko carving a wood starfish
    Fuko carving a wood starfish

    Fuko was first seen in an empty class carving a wood starfish. Tomoya noticed her injured hand and confiscated her knife. The next day, Fuko hunted him down and retrieved her knife. On Monday, Fuko stole a wood cube from the fine arts class and gave it to Tomoya. A fine arts student demanded it returned but Tomoya scared him away. Tomoya then gave it to Fuko and she revealed that she wanted to carve stars for all 700 students of the school. Tomoya gave her his name.

    The next day, Fuko gave Tomoya a carved starfish. If Tomoya brings it back, his father takes a look at it. The following day, Fuko invited Tomoya to attend her sister's wedding. She explained that her sister was the arts teacher and she retired 3 years ago. Fuko spent the next few days distributing her starfish.

    Fuko's path

    On April 26. Tomoya heard rumors about a ghost wandering around school. They explained that the girl was involved in a road accident 2 years ago. Nagisa revealed that she heard from her mother, Sanae, that Fuko fits that description. Tomoya wanted to confront Sanae about it but Fuko refused to follow. Sanae revealed that she is a close friend of Fuko's sister, Kouko, and directed Tomoya and Nagisa to Kouko's home. Nagisa admitted that she had never known about Fuko's relation to Kouko.

    Tomoya congratulated Kouko on her engagement but she was surprised because she had not told anyone about it. Kouko revealed that Fuko was still in coma at the hospital. Nagisa was confused and wanted to confront Fuko. Nagisa volunteered to help Fuko celebrate Kouko's wedding. Fuko refused to return home and Nagisa offered to house her. Fuko introduced herself as Isogai to Sanae and Sanae pointed out that her neighbor is Isogai. Regardless, she accepted Fuko into her home. Nagisa, Sanae, and Akio volunteered to help Fuko carve starfish.

    The next day, Nagisa tried to convince Fuko to approach her sister Kouko but Fuko claimed that Kouko doesn't perceive her. Later, Fuko invited Sanae to Kouko's wedding. On Monday, Tomoya suggested that Fuko dispel the rumor about her being a ghost. She found a friend and announced her return. Fuko revealed that she had never been to school since the opening ceremony.

    The next day, Fuko was at Nagisa's home carving starfish. Kouko visited the Furukawa bread shop. Tomoya asked if Fuko was actually at the hospital and Kouko looked at him weird. 2 days later, Tomoya discovered that a group of first year male students had formed a Fuko fan club. They were touched by Fuko's generosity and hard work. During lunch, Fuko gained command over her fan club and sent them to attack Youhei. Tomoya suggested that Fuko distribute her starfish during the School Founder's Day.

    Tomoya wanted Fuko to experience attending a class, and he invited Nagisa and Youhei to participate. Sanae volunteered to teach them and she revealed to have teaching experience. Fuko accidentally revealed her last name but Sanae didn't react. The next day, Tomoya visited Kouko and she revealed that Fuko met with an accident on her first day of school. Sanae made bread that looked like starfish and Fuko was caught in a dream-like state surrounded by starfish.

    On Tuesday, Tomoya revealed to Nagisa that Kouko visits Fuko at the hospital every day and that Kouko will get married after Fuko is discharged. Nagisa suggested to present Fuko to Kouko during the School Founder's Day. The next day, Yusuke was waiting for Kouko to visit Fuko at the hospital. Tomoya invited Kouko to the School Founder's Day. Kouko phoned Nagisa explaining that she will be at the school at 3 o'clock.

    Nagisa begging Kouko to see Fuko
    Nagisa begging Kouko to see Fuko

    That Sunday during School Founder's Day, Tomoya meets Kouko at the school gates at 3 o'clock. Kouko revealed that she heard about the rumor that Fuko had been at school. Fuko then appeared before her but Kouko couldn't perceive her. Kouko revealed that Fuko hasn't regained consciousness. She requested Tomoya and Nagisa to befriend Fuko in her dream. Tomoya and Nagisa requested Kouko to quickly get married as it was Fuko's wish.

    After the festival, Tomoya requested Koumura to hold Kouko's wedding ceremony at the school. Later, Koumura phoned Tomoya and confirmed that Kouko's wedding celebration will be held on the coming Sunday. Tomoya then phoned Kouko to deliver the news.

    Fuko was distributing starfish again and Tomoya noticed that people were ignoring her. Youhei reported that the people who received the starfish from Fuko didn't perceive her at all. The next day, Nagisa asked Fuko if she liked Tomoya. Fuko said that she doesn't dislike him. Youhei revealed to Tomoya that Fuko had always been unconscious at the hospital. He invited Tomoya to visit her but Tomoya refused to go for fear of forgetting Fuko like the others.

    The next day, Youhei reported to Tomoya that he had visited Fuko at the hospital and it caused him to forget Fuko. Tomoya had Fuko give Youhei a starfish and he reported that he didn't perceive Fuko. That night, Tomoya revealed the story to Nagisa and she was sad and she did not want to forget Fuko.

    Tomoya ran around school reminding people to attend Kouko's wedding ceremony and to remember Fuko. Tomoya brought Fuko to town and she requested Tomoya to buy her a party hat. Back at the bakery, Akio and Sanae had already forgotten about Fuko. Tomoya brought Fuko to school that night and they shared a kiss.

    Fuko giving Kouko a starfish at her wedding
    Fuko giving Kouko a starfish at her wedding

    The next day, Tomoya went to the bakery. He and Nagisa had already forgotten about Fuko. Tomoya ran into Koumura at school and he reminded Tomoya about Kouko's wedding and about Fuko. Tomoya rediscovered Fuko and they waited for Kouko and Yusuke at the school gates. Their wedding was held at a classroom. The students greeted Kouko and Yusuke on their way out. Fuko thanked Tomoya for the time they had spent together. She gave Tomoya and Kouko a starfish each and disappeared.

    Some time later, Fuko regained consciousness and returned to school. She gave Tomoya, Nagisa, and Youhei a starfish, introduced herself, and requested to become friends.

    Nagisa's path

    Kouko visited the Furukawa bakery and reported that Fuko was ill. Tomoya spent a light orb to make a wish for Fuko to get well.

    After Story

    Fuko had regained consciousness and was discharged from the hospital. She liked Ushio and grew attached to her.

    True Ending

    Fuko was angry to be seen as a grade school student. Kouko tried to convince Fuko to say "I" in referring to herself. Near the hospital, Fuko noticed a nice smell and discovered the girl from the Illusionary World under a tree.

    Tomoyo After: It's a Wonderful Life

    Fuko makes a cameo appearance in the minigame Dungeons and Takafumis as Tomoya's summon ability. She wields a wood starfish to attack enemies.


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