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    Full Body Awareness

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    Some first-person games that wish to immerse the player in the experience more will go as far as to include full body awareness, or the ability to see the player character's body when looking down.

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    Full body awareness is a feature of first-person games in which players are able to see their entire body. This gives the player a better sense of immersion, as they can see their actual body and any arm and leg movement from a first-person perspective. While this might seem like an obvious or practical feature, many older games would hide the player's actual body from view, opting to use a separate set of "first-person" models for the player's perspective instead (Quake II, for example). While full body awareness could be considered a gimmick under certain circumstances, games like Mirror's Edge utilize it to give the player a more connected experience.

    Older games featuring full body awareness often used lower quality models in order to maintain a respectable frame rate, resulting in simplistic player and weapon models. As technology improves, players are just as likely to see high-quality models and textures in the first-person perspective as they would be from any other perspective.

    First-person shooters have been ridiculed at times for not utilizing full body awareness, creating an experience where the player appears to be nothing but a set of arms and a floating gun. While many modern FPS games are beginning to show the player's full body, some games still use the "floating gun" disconnect, to create higher-quality weapon models and animations without sacrificing performance.


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