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    Full Bore

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Sep 04, 2013

    Full Bore is a underground puzzle adventure.

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    Whole Hog Games tag line is "An exploration puzzle game, where curiosity takes you through the trials of growing up as an impoverished digging boar." Also they have a playable demo, that is still available post Kickstarter. Their funding goal on Kickstarter was $12,500, and they ended with $16,383 from 420 backers. The demo can be found at Hole Hog Game studio's website.

    The game itself is a 16-bit style game when you control a boar that can climb, but no jump, and dig through many types of material. The challenge is figure out what to dig through and what to leave to get to areas of the map. There are also boxes and other movable objects that aid and thwart your attempts to dig out gems.

    Also thanks to a bonus goal, a new playable character has been confirmed. Please welcome Hildi the female boar!


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