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    Full Fat is an independent game studio in Warwick, UK. It was founded in 1996 by Paul Adams, a former Freelance Artist who worked for Codemasters, Blitz Games & several other local studios. It forms part of the so-called 'Silicon Spa' cluster of studios located in and around the town of Leamington Spa.

    Full Fat was originally a work-for-hire studio, first creating artwork for games designed by larger publishers, and then transitioning to a full development studio creating complete projects for publishers. During this time it mostly worked on portable games for the Game Boy Color, GB Advance and DS. Publishers it worked with included EA, Microsoft, Namco and Acclaim.

    From 2010 onwards, Full Fat switched focus to mobile games on iOS and Android. It has created several original IPs, including titles like Flick Golf and Agent Dash. It has also created several officially licensed NFL games.

    Full Fat's mobile games have been downloaded by over 55 million people and it has reached number 1 in all apps on the App Store multiple times.


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