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A Very Surprising P&C Adventure Game.

Full Pipe, a very small, under-the-radar game by "PipeStudio" (or so called by the Steam information on the game), is a very interesting take on point-and-click adventure games.

The game starts with a small spectacled man with a snail-like rear end (that for some reason has a Matrix-esque port on the back of it) tossing and turning in bed. Suddenly, out of nowhere, an odd appendage of some sort nabs one of his two slippers, pulling it into whatever netherworld it slithered out from. Thus starts the very odd, sometimes borderline disturbing foray into the land of "what the F is that".

Most of the game is confusing and oftentimes it takes more than a few dozen clicks to figure out who does what. When you finally figure out that you have to give the guy who eats items through a drawer in his stomach and excretes globular egg-like objects that then encase the item in question, you feel a bewildering sense of fulfillment in figuring out what the hell is going on, if only for a moment. A large portion of the puzzles are very obscure and obscenely difficult, but you tend to enjoy the answers when they finally come to fruition.

The ambient sounds, music, and animation are what bring this game to life. The sounds give an odd sense of foreboding, even though there is no danger to be had in the entire game. Each of the characters sound and look like a great deal of personality was given to them, even if you don't hear any more than a few grunts and squeals from any of them. Most of all, the music (when there even is any) is very ambient and unobstructive to anything else, letting you focus on, and sometimes even highlighting what you need to be paying attention to for the current task.

Overall, the game was a wonderful, confusing, and frustrating experience that left me feeling very proud of myself for finishing it. Only someone who has spent a large amount of time playing point-and-click adventure games can get a sense of enjoyment out of it, though, but in the past, that tends to be true for a large portion of the games that make up this niche genre. It's very cheap (at 4.99 USD) and very indie, so if you're into that sort of thing, head on over to the store page and grab it.


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