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    Fullbright is an independent studio formed in 2012 by Steve Gaynor, Johnnemann Nordhagen, and Karla Zimonja. They released Gone Home, their first game, in August 2013.

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    Fullbright (previously The Fullbright Company) is a video game development studio based in Portland, Oregon. It was founded in March 2012, by Steve Gaynor, Karla Zimonja and Johnnemann Nordhagen. The founding members have previously worked together, in some capacity, on titles such as Bioshock 2 and its downloadable add-on Minerva's Den, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified and Bioshock Infinite. In August 2012, a fourth member, Kate Craig, joined the studio.

    Fullbright set out to create nonviolent video games that are centered around player-driven exploration, built "out of techniques that only video games can employ." The studio's first title, Gone Home, was released in August 2013, to critical acclaim, especially with respect to its storytelling. Gone Home was praised for effectively telling a realistic and deeply personal story.

    In 2014, Johnnemann Nordhagen left Fullbright to found his own company, Dim Bulb Games. In September, the studio changed its name from The Fullbright Company to simply, Fullbright. This change was accompanied by new additions to the team, including: Tynan Wales, Noël Clark and Leon Hartwig.

    During the inaugural edition of The Game Awards, the studio announced its second game, a first-person exploration game, titled Tacoma. Unlike their debut game, Tacoma takes places in a futuristic setting, in a small waystation between Earth and the moon. In January 2015, the studio announced that Nina Freeman joined the studio.


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