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    Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Dec 25, 2003

    The game takes place between episodes 17 and 18, while Ed and Al are being escorted by Major Armstrong to the Central City by train. Then things go wrong.

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    Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel was created by Racjin, and published by Square Enix. This is the first game released using the Fullmetal Alchemist name and characters of the franchise.

    The game introduces some new characters and doesn't follow the show's storyline to the fullest. The game itself takes place between episodes 17 and 18, while Ed and Al are being escorted by Major Armstrong to Central City. Thought their trek is quickly interrupted when the train is attacked by terrorists, and the Elrics must fight back, and make their inevitable escape.


    Edward Elric: Afifteen-year-old prodigy who became the youngest State Alchemist in history. His alias, "Fullmetal," derives from the fact that his right arm and left leg are metallic, artificial limbs known as automail. "Fullmetal" is sometimes also used to describe a person who is stubborn. He and his younger brother Alphonse are on a journey to find the Philosopher's Stone, which may hold the power for them to regain their bodies.

    Alphonse Elric: Inside a giant suit of armor is a soul of a fourteen-year-old boy with a gentle heart. He journeys with his older brother Edward in hope that the both of them will regain their original bodies. Always calm and stable in character, Al is the one who chides Ed, who is quick to lose his cool. Al is Ed's perfect companion. Al is the younger brother of Edward Elric, but is often confused to be older than Ed because he is trapped in a suit of armor twice as large as he is.

    Roy Mustang: A military colonel who goes by the nickname "The Flame Alchemist." His gloves are made of pyrotex, which he uses to create alchemy-controlled flames.

    Riza Hawkeye: A military lieutenant, and a close aide to the Colonel. A woman highly capable in any assignment, she is secretly feared by her peers for her imperturbable manner.

    Alex Luis Armstrong: major in the military. He is capable of fancy footwork despite his burly physique. His giant knuckles enable him to perform powerful alchemy, for which this State Alchemist has been given the alias "The Strong-Arm Alchemist."

    Armony Eiselstein: The Daughter of Professor Eiselstein, she believes her father is cold to her because she is inept in the art of alchemy and has been forbidden to learn alchemy as a result. However, it is actually because of the Philosopher's Catalyst she contains in her own body. He is afraid that if she uses alchemy, it may have some effect on the alchemic amplifier, which she has no knowledge of having. She becomes Edward’s student in hopes of becoming proficient in ancient science. She has a cheerful disposition and is a hard worker with a love for flowers, especially the Etherflower.

    Professor Wilhelm Eiselstein: One of ten famous Alchemists and considered a world authority on catalytics – the study of making efficient alchemy. He was researching the “Philosopher’s Catalyst,” a legendary material that has powers comparable to the Philosopher’s Stone. When the town of Hiessgart (where he and his daughter resided) came under attack of chimeras, he brought the refugees to safety and led the efforts in building New Hiessgart.

    Selene Eiselstein: The true daughter of Professor Eiselstein, she is no longer of this world. Selene used to help her father with his alchemic experiments as he tried to obtain the legendary amplifier: the Philosopher's Catalyst. However, she got caught in a rebound from one of his attempts to create a prototype of the Catalyst, and her body mutated. As a result, the Catalyst, taking the form of a glowing white wing, fused with her and she became the girl Wilhelm now calls Armony. Armony however, having memories of playing with Selene as a child, has no knowledge of the fact that she (in a sense) is Selene, and believes that Selene was her older sister who had died. There is a grave for Selene at the church near Hiessgart that Armony often visits and leaves behind an Etherflower for her, but Armony does not know that the grave holds nobody of her "sister". Edward and Alphonse, when they had visited the Professor with their teacher in the past, hadn't gotten to see Selene before they had left. Before the Professor informs them of what had happened to Selene, Edward believes that she was just being cold, but Al thinks that perhaps it was just too hard for her to say goodbye. Selene was always quiet, yet very intelligent and an alchemic prodigy.

    Camilla: A mysterious and beautiful woman dressed in black. Old records describe her as a legendary alchemist who disappeared several years ago. She is now a bounty hunter of sorts seeking out Professor Eiselstein's "Philosopher's Catalyst". Camilla helps the Professor create the true Catalyst by posing as a scientist named Greta, who he makes his assistant. After he discovers that she is only helping him to take the Catalyst for herself, she kidnaps Armony in an attempt to take the wing from her to become more powerful. However, Wilhelm interferes (using the alchemic power of an Etherflower) and the wing is destroyed.

    Senior Colonel Genz Bresslau: A military policeman who proclaims himself to be "The Armor-Piercing Alchemist" and the strongest in the military. He has no interest in rank or honor; his only pursuit is his own physical strength. He is quick to anger and shows no mercy for subordinates who fail in their duty.

    Brigadier Mudi Nemda: Chief of the military police in the Hiessgart region. Tenacious in expanding his own power, he has almost completely privatized the army. His ambition is to build his own Nemda Kingdom.

    Margott Orange Peko: An assistant to Professor Eiselstein. Later in the game, it is revealed she is none other than Riza Hawkeye in disguise, and she has infiltrated Eiselstein's estate in order to gather info on his work.

    Greta: An assistant to Professor Eiselstein. Later in the game, is revealed she is none other than Camilla. She posed as his assistant in order to help him complete the Catalyst, which she planned to steal from him later.


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