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    Fun House

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released January 1991

    A licensed game very loosely based on the kids game show from the early 1990s hosted by J.D. Roth.

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    Fun House is a 1991 NES game very loosely based on the kids game show of the same name. In actuality, very little about the game is reminiscent of the TV show that inspired it. On the show, two-person teams would compete in a series of challenges with the winning team earning the right to run through the titular fun house; an obstacle course of sorts in which tags bearing the names of prizes are scattered. Team members took turns running through the fun house to collect as many tags as they could within the span of two minutes, with one tag secretly dubbed the "Power Prize". If this tag was claimed, the team would win both the prize listed on the tag as well as the bonus.

    The video game, by contrast, is a fairly simple action game that takes place in 72 "rooms", or mazes. In each maze, the player must hit all targets and collect the key to exit the level before time runs out. The key to the next level appears at the location of the final target to be hit. There are also a various of obstacles that the player must contend with; numbered targets that must be hit in order, moving floors, and a variety of enemies. Enemies cannot kill the player, but some of them will drain time off the clock if the player is hit. The only way to fail a level is if time runs out.


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