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Fun 'N Games is a game developed by Leland Interactive Media (Genesis and SNES versions) and Panasonic (3DO version). Fun 'N Games was published by Tradewest (Genesis and SNES versions) and Panasonic (3DO version).

The Super Nintendo version allows the SNES Mouse peripheral as a control option.


The main menu is divided into four sections:


A paint program that offers different tools and brushes, a few pre-made backgrounds and objects as well as the option to import figures that were created in the sub-games 'Stylin' Stuff' and 'Mix 'n Match'.


  • Mouse Maze: A Pac-Man-clone in which the player guides a mouse through a top-down labyrinth. To complete a level, all cheese symbol have to be collected while cats have to be avoided. Collecting a bone temporarily transforms the mouse into a dog that can kill the cats.
  • Space Lazer: A shooter seen from the cockpit of a space-ship. The player controls a crosshair and has to shoot increasingly difficult enemies.
  • Whack a Clown: This game is exclusive to the Genesis version and plays like 'Whac-a-Mole' only with clowns instead of moles.


The Style section contains two activities:

  • Stylin' Stuff: Here, the player can edit the sprite of a woman by selecting different clothes, hats or haircuts.
  • Mix 'n Match: Sprites can be created by putting together different heads, torso and legs.


Songs can be composed by choosing from several instruments and putting notes onto a stave. It is also possible to add sound effects (animal noises and others) or edit provided songs.

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