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    Fungus Grove

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    Fungus Grove is a murky, underground swamp that lies directly beneath the Twilight Sea on the moon of Luclin.

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    Fungus Grove is a cesspool of towering mushrooms, murky waters, and a moldy smell that lingers with adventurers even after they leave. The temperature here is more like a tropical region, with humidity that is suffocating to some. Most adventurers reach the Fungus Grove through the nearby Echo Caverns, but there is also a transporter going to and from the Twilight Sea, which is directly above the grove. Near the Echo Caverns is a sizable outpost built by the citizens of Shadow Haven. The convenience of a bank and supplies is paramount for the highly experienced adventurers who come here to hunt.

    The grove is full of sentient plants, not just the mushrooms, that will wreak havoc on any passers by. The mushrooms have the ability to transform their attackers into mushrooms themselves, forcing them to be rooted to the ground for short periods of time. They also attack in packs, causing frustration for those without the aid of an experienced enchanter or bard.

    On the eastern side of the main cavern is a village of Galorians known as the Tarmok tribe. The Tarmoks are generally friendly, or at least apathetic, and will invite groups of adventurers to take part in their rituals, which consist of tests of endurance.


    On the west side of the main cavern is a pond surrounded by mutant dregs. Their strength should not be underestimated, and it would be wise to avoid the pond if at all possible.

    Deeper into the grove is a second cavern, this one with a large mountain in the center. Within this mountain, and all over it, are a race of semi-intelligent, large insects called the Shik'Nar. Their innate properties allow them to filter the otherwise poisonous water of the grove, making them immune to the mutations it causes. While large, the Shik'Nar are still insects, and as such, are a popular choice of food for much of the sentient plant life in the grove. They have learned to defend themselves by forming a small military with weapons and novice magic abilities. Atop the Shik'Nar's mountain is a natural bridge to a small cave where a circular red transporter will take adventurers to the Twilight Sea above.

    Neighboring Zones


    • Haven Smugglers
    • House Fordel
    • House Midst
    • House Stout
    • Lake Recondite Bandits
    • Shik Nar
    • Tarmok Tribe
    • Traders of the Haven

    Commerce & Tradeskills

    Shop NameGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
    Cen SnoworbGeneral Supplies, Special Water
    Esti ElvenbloodCaster Supplies
    Jasan FiarRogue Supplies
    Jolly ArvalAlcohol
    Narvak SmugreedBank
    Samfort RuggenGeneral Supplies, Bags
    Thar Anton

    General Supplies

    Tarmok Camp

    Blargrot (alcohol)

    Thom the Fish

    Food & Drink

    Guild Halls

    Guild HallClassesGuildmasterChurch
    RoguesRictor Asmot


    Notable NPCs

    • Chakiza
    • Chakizno
    • Chakno
    • Katcha
    • Lupot Nukla
    • Priest Kak`Thak
    • Rebecca Cabbageleaf
    • Takacha
    • Tiako
    • Tuchako
    • Tzi`ik Underbulk
    • Warlord Tk`kik`tthik

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