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    Funny Valentine

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    Funny Valentine is the 23rd male president of the United States of America and the primary male antagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part VII: Steel Ball Run.

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    Funny Valentine is the wielder of Stand "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap", or D4C for short. D4C can send objects or people to other parallel universes when they are close in-between two objects. Valentine usually triggers this power by lying on the ground and putting a national flag on top of his body to make himself in-between ground and flag. If Valentine is dying, he can also bring another Valentine from other universes and transfer his minds and memories to him to make him the new Valentine. When people or objects stay near their counterparts from parallel universes, an oblivion effect will be triggered making both things disappear together. Only Valentine himself is not affected by this effect, so he can also use this effect to assassinate people.

    After gathering all pieces of the Saint's corpse, Valentine's D4C learns a new power named "D4C Love Train". Triggering this power will create several light beams forming a barrier around Valentine's body. This is a dimensional barrier that transfers all bad things that happened to Valentine into random forms of bad lucks and teleports them to other people, including attacks toward Valentine.


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