Radio Silence Since E3?

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#1 Posted by Stahlbrand (903 posts) -

They had a cute and colourful pre-rendered teaser of this at E3 - since then I haven't heard a peep about Overstrike.

Insomniac is supposedly making it, and their last project, Resistance 3, shipped back in September. It was supposed to be their first post-console-exclusive-deal game, but they've made no noise about it as far as I can tell.

Anybody hear anything about OverStrike, or what is going on at Insomniac in the last few months?

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#2 Posted by RE_Player1 (8010 posts) -

I bet this game isn't released in 2012.

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#3 Posted by Sawboss (97 posts) -

I expect at E3 we will actually see what the game plays like rather than just a CG trailer. I do not believe this is a confirmed 2012 game, so we got some time before they start showing it off. Also keep in mind this is an EA's partners game, which let's be honest, EA doesn't always throw its weight behind the games in this program.

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#4 Posted by DeF (5360 posts) -

isn't that how things always go?

CG trailer -> long silence -> media blowout -> (demo) -> release

(insert various random delays at will)

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#5 Posted by 20ozmonkey (130 posts) -

Last night I realized that this had completely disappeared since last year and it seems like this isn't showing at this year's E3...

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#6 Posted by Barrock (3926 posts) -

@20ozmonkey said:

Last night I realized that this had completely disappeared since last year and it seems like this isn't showing at this year's E3...

Yup. Super weird. Where did it go?

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#7 Posted by BisonHero (10506 posts) -

Wow, yeah, nice catch. On a related note, Brothers in Arms: Furious 4 is almost certainly cancelled, or massively delayed due to Gearbox focusing on two other games coming out much sooner that will also generate much more revenue. It's actually pretty weird that they even bothered to announce Furious 4 last year, when they had so much other shit going on.

While we're at it, does anybody know if Fortnite has even a small presence at E3? I guess the reveal wasn't that long ago, but I'd like to know more about that game if possible.

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#8 Posted by Joshura (3 posts) -

We've only ever seen CG of this game, haven't we? If they haven't shown more, does that mean there's not gameplay ready enough for the public? Are we looking at a near-certain 2013 slip?

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