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    Fusion Mortar

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    Featured in the Tribes series, the Mortar could only be wielded by players wearing Heavy armor. The weapon fired large arcing projectiles, usually emitting green smoke and making a loud noise.

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    The fusion mortar is no doubt the most destructive weapon in the Tribes arsenal, as its large explosions could easily kill most small targets, including deployable turrets and lightly armored foes in only one blast. One downside to this weapon's immense power is that the low ammunition capacity, unless the Heavy wears an ammo pack to account for that. Mortars are used heavily in attacks on the enemy base, as their massive damage could easily take down one or more generators in one or two shots. 
    In combination with the targeting laser, the Fusion Mortar becomes an even more deadly weapon. If a player other than the heavy wielding the mortar paints a target using the designator, a marker will appear on the heavy's heads-up-display, telling him exactly where to aim. This will result in the arcing projectile to land directly on where the target was painted, which could soon result in base defenses (including heavy turrets and sensor towers) going down in moments. 
    Most heavies wielding the mortar will shoot a mortar projectile at their feet when they are near death, particularly when inside the enemy base. Despite the drawback of suicide, this often results in multiple enemy kills, particularly if the enemies were trying to use a Shocklance against the heavy.


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