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Worlds of Tomorrow is a Futurama mobile city building game, with light RPG elements. The game launched on June 28, 2017 for free, but includes micro transactions.


All characters in the game can be levelled up to level 25 and fall into one of five classes (Robot, Influencer, Scientist, Delivery Boy & Captain)

Main Game Standard

These are characters that you can recruit without having to use premium currency.

Amy Wong (Scientist)Leela (Captain)
Bender (Robot)Leg Mutant (Delivery Boy)
Philip J. Fry (Delivery Boy)Scruffy (Influencer)
Hedonismbot (Robot)Smitty (Delivery Boy)
Hermes Conrad (Influencer)The Professor (Scientist)
Kif Kroker (Delivery Boy)URL (Robot)

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