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Great for a quick 1000 points thats it

Fuzion frenzy 2 is a party game with 40 mini games but most of the games are the same. There are a few fighting games, button matching and coin collecting. Most of the games are button mashers. The games are easy and can master then quick. The graphs are ok but look last gen. There are some problems with the camera; in some games it is hard to tell distances and height. The sound is the worst; I thought the announcer from Crackdown was bad this one is the king. He repeats everything again and again. Ask how all the players are doing during the game and in games you have to jump he yells "UP! UP!! UP!!!". The game is longer because of him talking. After 20 minutes Im yelling SHUT UP!!!!! And turn on the mute on the TV. This game has online play but good luck finding a game. I had to go in to the forum to set up a game because I searched and searched but couldn't find a game. The only good reason to play this game is that it is an easy 1000 points take a day. I played this for point for the old spice challenge, this game is a prize and I feel sorry who won it.

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