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    Character in Loaded, returns as a secret character in Re-Loaded. Appears on the cover art for Loaded. Wields a cannon and explosive teddy bears.

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    Fwank is an armed robber who wears a bank bag over his head that is designed like a clown mask. he carries around three things a massive gun called the S.L.A.G that fires neutron spheres, his teddy bear, and a Mood shifting balloon.



    -Homing teddies

    teddy bears floating around the area finding enemies to blow up upon.


    the balloon's color represents what mood fwanks in.

    • Green means happy
    • Yellow means leave him alone
    • Red means enraged




    • Fwank is one of the six playable characters in the action-packed shooter game Loaded

    • from the looks of his weapon the S.L.A.G looks like a very big version of a bullpup assault rifle
    • His actual name is "frank" he can't pronounce it because of a lisps
    • In Re-loaded you have to add a code to unlock Fwank, You have to have Mama highlighted and you can either unlock him in two ways.
      - if psx press L1, Circle, R1, Down, Down, R1, Circle, L1, L1.
      -if PC type ilovemyteddy
      once any of those codes are inputed A red balloon will appear over Sister Magpie. Move the cursor to her slot and Fwank will be playable.

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