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    The first town you protect in Borderlands. It is home to Dr. Zed and the INAC, and is frequently under attack from raiders.

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    Fyrestone is the first location you enter in Borderlands. It is a small little town that is in the west of the Arid Badlands and is home to Dr. Zed and the Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap(INAC). Though Dr. Zed, INAC, and another claptrap (who is hiding in secret above Marcus Kincaid's shop), nobody else is seen in the town besides raiders who come to pillage. Signs outside Fyrestone indicate that there use to be over 200 people that lived there, but have died due to raiders and skags. Fyrestone's population is currently 24. Fyrestone is the target of many raider gangs who populate the area including 9-toes, Bone Head, and Sledge. It is also the location of the final battle with the MINAC and the INAC in Borderlands 4th DLC Clap-Traps New Robot Revolution.

    Fyreston Residents:

    • Dr. Zed
    • Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Clap-Trap
    • Hidden Clap-Trap
    • T.K. Baha (lives on the outskirts)
    • Shep Sanders (lives on the outskirts)

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