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    Fyuria Raglan

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    Chosen by Dyshana for the first generation, this young Syrium once resided in Hovos before Gridamas' Invasion. She is the first Heroine you meet in generation one.

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    Where you meet Fyuria:
    You meet Fyuria in Mimas in Generation one at level

    Fyuria has lost her parents and her entire home of Hovos to Gridamas. With her brother Zerva she and their group of survivors fight against Gridamas but the battle has posed too much and she has lost a fight and been separated from her sibling. She hides in Pyuto but happens upon another one of Gridamas' invasions when Leonhardt and co. come upon the in troubled Syrium whom is none too pleased to be 'rescued.'
    She immediately dislikes Leonhardt and is immediantly distrustful because she holds all human's responsible for what happen to her and her people. But with a little time, and patiance, Leonhardt win's over the angry Syrium to be a good ally and when the player play's their card's right, a possible bride for the end of that generation.  


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