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    Upon infection with the G virus, William Birkin undergoes a number of transformations, becoming more hideous and less human with each stage.

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     G is the name given to the Tyrant like creature which appears throughout Resident evil 2 as a boss fight. While William Birkin is attempting to escape Raccoon city with his newly created G-virus samples, he is assaulted by a team of U.S.S soldiers, sent by the Umbrella corporation to extract the samples and eliminate Birkin. Birkin attempts vainly to fight back, but is quickly mortally wounded. He then swears that no one will take the G-virus from him and injects himself with a sample, causing him to transform into the first form of G, at which point he brutally murders the contingent of soldiers leaving only series luminary HUNK alive. G is devoid of human emotion, and due to the G-virus ability to manipulate its host at the genetic level and change DNA dynamically, G evolves through multiple stages becoming increasingly inhuman. 
    As a result, all stages of G posses exceptional strength and endurance, while each is driven to act on instinct alone. G's main purpose is to find a suitable host which it can use to propagate its genes, and pursues Sherry Birkin as she is Birkin's closest living genetic match. The only constant across its various mutations is a large, distended pulsating eye, which usually serves as the beasts weak point. Whenever G is severely injured, it heals its wounds while undergoing further mutations in order to better equip itself for survival.

    First form

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      G's first form is also it's most humanoid, retaining the appearance of host William Birkin however still displaying the monstrous characteristics of a B.O.W. This form features an asymmetrical makeup, with most of the mutations occurring around the chest area, focused around the right arm and shoulder leaving the head and legs mostly unchanged. While the first form may look the least imposing, it was still capable of swiftly dispatching an entire unit of Umbrella soldiers trained to combat B.O.W.'s, and it's right arm is strong enough to tear through iron.

    Second form

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      The mutations in this form have spread throughout G's entire body, and entirely new organs unique to G have developed. A completely new bone and skin structure has appeared, a new brain and head have formed while the large eyeball has grown and developed. This form is slightly less asymmetrical than the first, but is vastly more dangerous because of the large claw that has formed and the increased speed resulting from more powerful legs which are more capable of compensating for it's heavy torso.
    The head of William Birkin hovers disturbingly around the chest area, while his left arm has been overshadowed by a larger more powerful arm. The clothes which were still present on the first form are now mostly tattered, outgrown by G's muscular torso.

    Third form

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    The third form is a more lithe, agile and symmetrical structure, possessing four fully functioning arms and a new, smaller eyeball situated on its left thigh. This form has an almost demonic appearance because of its larger primary arms moving further back and resembling wings. Each arm is now equipped with a set of talons and this, coupled with it's increased speed, gives this form great killing potential. The drawback of its lighter frame however is that it is now more vulnerable to damage, which the player can take advantage of in game.
    G no longer carries any resemblance to William Birkin, shedding all traces of human clothing and features during the transformation.


    Fourth form

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    The fourth form is the most bestial yet, possessing no human characteristics at all. The head and torso have melded together into a large gaping maw surrounded by innumerable teeth while large hind legs have formed allowing G to run on four legs. This form is much larger than previous forms, and is even faster due to its four legged stance while the characteristic eye is less prominent; dwarfed by the rest of it's body. The drawback of these advancements is that this stage requires a constant source of energy to sustain its massive body, and each meal causes further mutation. 


    Fifth form

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    The final form of G is a horrendous quivering mass of flesh teeth and tentacles. This form seems to have mutated uncontrollably, and while possessing greater durability is much slower and less threatening than before. With that said, its various tentacles attempt to grab targets and pull them into what still tangentially resembles a mouth, meaning that G remains a deadly foe. 
    Despite its softer mollusk like body, this form is incredibly resistant to most  form of weaponry available to the player, and critical damage is difficult to achieve even when using high caliber guns or explosives. The creature is most easily defeated by targeting its ever present eye, which still remains on the creature and is still incredibly vulnerable. While slow, this form can still slide around in a slug like manner, its malleable form allowing it to move through narrow corridors. G is completely vaporised by the nuclear strike upon Raccoon city, however it is likely that it would have continued to mutate if left unchallenged, although it probably would quickly become unsustainable if it was not already.

    Rejecting the G-virus and the G adult body

    Much like its counterpart the T-virus, the G-virus requires a host with the correct genetic makeup in order to function optimally. If an infected host is found to be incompatible with G, the host body will attempt to reject G, and while incompatible it seems that G is capable of mutating all organic life to some extent. When the host attempts rejection, G will undergo a "false reproduction", creating the G adult body and destroying the host in the process.
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    The result is an amalgam of features expected from a complete G conversion coupled with a number of new mutations. These new mutations include the production of sterile G embryo's fired from the mouth of the adult body and several drawbacks such as a body riddled with tumors which cause the G adult body to have a short lifespan. Brian Irons transforms into a G adult body when encountered by Claire Redfield, and is then dispatched in this form, while Ben Bertolucci during the Leon A, Claire B scenarios suffers a similar fate.

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