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    Also known as Gaara of The Desert due to his unique ability to manipulate sand. He was once an enemy of Naruto Uzumaki but throughout the series he befriends Naruto and eventually becoming the fifth Kazekage. He was once the jinchuriki host of the One-Tail Shukaku, his tailed beast was extracted from him by the Akatsuki but was later given a second life by granny chiyo at the cost of her own life.

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    Young Gaara
    Young Gaara

    Gaara began life much like Naruto Uzumaki having the one tailed tanooki Shukaku sealed within him. Having Shukaku sealed within him gave Gaara the ability to m anipulate sand as he pleases. Gaara's home village is the Sand Village. Much like Naruto all of his fellow villagers feared and ostracized him. Gaara began losing control of Shukaku and villagers began getting hurt. His father the fourth kazekage of the sand village began having assassination attempts put on Gaaras head. All of which failed since any attacks made on Gaara were blocked by a sand shield. Gaara always carries sand with him in a gourd he wears on his back.

    Chunin Exams

    The Chunin Exams is the first time we meet the character Gaara in the Naruto series. Gaara's only drive is to kill others to confirm the value of his own existence. In the preliminary Chunin fights Gaaras opponent is Rock Lee, who he beats by using his Sand Coffin technique where he engulfs the person in sand and then crushes the person. He only caught Lee's arm and leg but he badly crippled them. In the actual Chunin fights Gaara faces Sasuke Uchiha. But they don't finish their fight due to Orochimaru's plan to attack the Leaf Village. Gaara is injured and his brother and sister take him and flee. Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura follow the Sand Ninja. Sasuke becomes badly injured and Gaara then holds Sakura hostage and forces Naruto to fight him. Gaara and Naruto have an epic battle with Gaara taking his Shukaku form and Naruto summoning Gamabunta and taking the form of the nine tailed fox. Naruto finally beats Gaara and in beating him makes Gaara realize killing people isn't what he needs to do to confirm his existence and Naruto befriends him. Gaara later makes an appearance to help the leaf village try to get Sasuke back from Orochimaru. Gaara actually saves Rock Lee who was just getting over the injuries he had given him in the Chunin preliminaries. Gaara fights Kimimaro who put up an enormous fight but eventually died from the illness he was suffering from.


    Gaara - Shippuden
    Gaara - Shippuden

    In the Naruto Shippuuden Series Gaara has become the Fifth Kazekage of the sand village and all of the villagers no longer fear him rather they depend on him to help protect the village. Akatsuki a criminal organization is hunting down all of the people with beasts within them and removing the beasts in the process killing the person carrying the beast. Gaara becomes a target of Akatsuki and Shukaku is removed from him killing him in the process. However the Elder Chiyo of the sand village uses a reanimation jutsu that brings Gaara back to life in the process taking her life. It is unknown if Gaara still has the powers of Shukaku or not but when he shakes Narutos hand for helping save him you can see sand swirling around both of them.


    Shield Of Sand - This is Gaaras first line of defense. A thick mass of sand that moves to the point of attack to deflect the attack. The sand can move 360 degrees around Gaara deflecting numerous attacks at once.

    Armor Of Sand

    - A last line of defense if an attack makes it through the sand shield Gaara's entire body is covered by a compact layer of sand protecting him from the attack.

    Sand Coffin

    - Gaara's most commonly used jutsu. Gaara covers an opponents body or part of it and immobilizes it.

    Desert Funeral - The alternative to Sand Coffin creating a giant mass of sand and covering an opponent and compacting it smashing his opponent into pieces.


    He is voiced by Liam O'Brien.


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