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Gai Tendo is a fighter that comes from Japan, and calls his fighting style "Total Fighting," a fighting style that collects mixed martial arts. He heard of a tournament called ''Buriki One'' and he decided to enter to test his skills. In the tournament, Gai meets Rob Python, and started a rivalry with him. He meet Silber, too, who happens to be the biggest obstacle to Gai. Years later, Gai enters into the tournament "The King of Fighters XI" to test his skills again.


Very brash and noisy, Gai is the type of person that doesn't think before he acts. He is a fighter at heart.

Special Moves, Supers and Super Special Leader Move in The King of Fighters XI

Special Moves

  • Back tornado
  • Gai wheel
  • Gai driller
  • Slider
  • Front step
  • Knee upper
  • Right hook
  • Fist bottom hook
  • Buck knuckle
  • Bridge sway
  • Bridge sway upper
  • Flog down
  • Gai spider

Super Moves

  • Ring of Solitude
  • Rush
  • Rush (Added attack)
  • Rush (Finish attack)

Super Special Leader Move

  • Taiman match

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