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    Gaige, also known as the Mechromancer, is the fifth playable character in Borderlands 2. She fled to Pandora after her science fair project, Deathtrap, caused a girl to explode.

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    Gaige was a high school student from the planet Eden-5. She built her robot, Deathtrap, as a part of her school's science fair. Her rival Marcie Holloway, who stole her robot design, exploded during the science fair by Deathtrap. Because of this accident, Gaige was expelled from school and arrested. However with her father's help, Gaige evaded arrest and bought a ticket to Pandora, where she could escape the law and become a Vault Hunter.

    Skill Tree

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    Gaige's main skill is to summon her robot known as Deathtrap that will assist her in combat. Gaige's skill tree is slightly different from the other characters of Borderlands 2 in that it features player challenge level variances.

    Best Friends Forever

    This branch is focused towards beginners or players that are new to Borderlands. Most of its skills are upgrades for Deathtrap such as "Explosive Clap," where Deathtrap causes an explosion in front of him.

    Little Big Trouble

    This branch is focused largely on elemental damage. An example would be "Electrical Burn," which causes an Electrical Explosion when you reload your gun.

    Ordered Chaos

    This branch is Gaige's most challenging branch, which mainly focuses on the skill "Anarchy." How Anarchy works is for every enemy you kill or gun magazine you fully empty you are given a stack of Anarchy. Each stack gives you a bonus of 1.75% to gun damage but a loss of 1.75% to accuracy. With the Preshrunk Cryberpunk skill you can have up to 400 stacks of Anarchy. You lose all your stacks by manually reloading or dying.


    "Don't screw with a girl and her robot!"

    "Respect the robot!"

    "I am the strongest girl alive!"

    "Eh. Accuracy's overrated anyways."

    "Shh. Don't worry baby. I'll take good care of you."

    "If I don't shoot, repair, or screw something in the next few minutes, we're gonna have a problem."


    Gaige was first introduced at PAX East 2012. She was revealed as a DLC character to be added soon after the games launch. Gaige was originally to be made available on October 16, 2012, but was released ahead of schedule on October 9. As part of promotion for her addition to the game GearBox began an official Twitter account for the character. The account is posted as if it was done by Gaige herself.


    Voiced by Cherami Leigh.


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