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Gal Gun is a cel-shaded on-rails shooter for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in which the player fights off hordes of infatuated schoolgirls, even though that is an enviable position to be in. It was being developed by Inti Creates of Mega Man Zero fame. Currently the game has only been released in Japan and there are no plans to release it in western territories.


 Typical player of the game.
Typical player of the game.

An apprentice cupid accidentally fires way too many "love arrows" at the main character, rendering him irresistible to girls. His only way of fighting them off is overwhelming their senses with pheromone shots, which, judging by their reactions, causes them to spontaneously orgasm themselves unconscious.


 Standard combat in the game.
Standard combat in the game.

The goal in the game is to "defeat" infatuated schoolgirls by shooting pheromones at them. Shooting a girl in a special target zone (for example: her mouth when she leans forward to kiss) instantly defeats her, and fills the Heart Meter. When the Heart Meter is full, the player can enter Doki Doki Mode, in which the goal is to shoot a girl's erogenous zones to fill her pleasure meter. In this mode, shots can be charged for extra power ("Doki Doki", or "Toki Meki", fairly common terms in Japanese video game titles, are rough translations of the Japanese onomatopoeia of the sound of a rapidly beating heart). Also, shooting especially sensitive zones fills the Pleasure Meter extra fast. If the Pleasure Meter is filled, the player regenerates some health, and all the girls on screen at the time Doki Doki Mode was activated are instantly defeated.

There is an unlockable mode called Delusion Mode, in which the player can view the game's girls in various angles, wearing a variety of costumes. The player can also perform certain actions, such as blowing wind up the girls' skirts.

Downloadable Content

An underwater mode has been released as DLC. In this mode, the game world is inexplicably flooded with water, and all the girls wear school swimsuits and goggles. They also move slower, making the game easier. A pack of casual, personalized swimsuits for the girls will also be released.

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