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Galactic Wars 1 (ギャラクティック・ウォーズ1) is a self proclaimed "fantasy simulation war game for people with brains who are afraid to use them" and is notable for being the very first video game published by Nihon Falcom, who had previously been operating a computer shop called Computer Land Tachikawa since 1981 [2]. The title was created by one of Computer Land's regular customers, a programmer named Yoshio Kiya, who made the game in his free time on a Casio FP-1100 computer that he rented from Falcom's store [2]. Falcom decided to publish the game with Kiya and initially released it in June 1982 for the Casio FP-1100 before eventually porting the game to other platforms such as the NEC PC-88 and PC-98 (although it might have actually been released in December) [6][7]. Only a limited number of copies of Galactic Wars 1 were ever published since copies were only created when a customer placed an order for the game, with each copy being put together by hand [3]. The humble release of Galactic Wars 1 would mark Falcom's entrance into the PC game industry and began their working relationship with Yoshio Kiya who would go on to be known as the company's star programmer and create Falcom's seminal Dragon Slayer franchise [2].

Story and Gameplay

A battle is being fought in the year 2432 between the Galactic Alliance and an alien threat known as the Third Empire who is attacking Planet M23. The player must command a fleet of stars ships that are protecting the planet, two large crafts named "Falcon" and "Unicon" along with three smaller scout ships. Galactic Wars 1 is a turn-based strategy game where the players commands their fleets through different menu commands, such as deciding their ships' speed and direction. Once an allied ship comes into contact with an alien vessel, they will automatically attack each other and the winner will be decided by the ship's stats. During the player's turn, an in-game timer will count down giving the player a limited amount of time to issue commands to their fleet. After the player's time is over, the ships of the Third Empire will perform their own actions.


  • Falcom's founder, Masayuki Kato, actually acquired the cover illustration for the commercial version of Galactic Wars 1 from his brother who was an artist. Kato found the piece in his brother's collection of drawings and simply asked him if he could use the picture for Galactic Wars' cover, it was not made specifically for the game [5].


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