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This was one of the first strategy games with a real-time element to it, and was thus a precursor to the real-time strategy genre, making it a proto-RTS of sorts. It was the earliest known space-themed sci-fi strategy game, using a Dune-like plot about two galactic forces waging a war for control over a strategically important planet. The game was designed by Yoshio Kiya, who would later go on to create the seminal Dragon Slayer series of action RPG's. Galactic Wars would be a precursor to his 1991 RTS game Lord Monarch.


In the year 2432, somewhere in the Milky Way galaxy, a battle is fought between the Galactic Alliance and an alien fleet, revolving around the strategically important planet M23. The game puts the player in control of a starfleet commander who has two spacecraft at his disposal: the Falcon and the Unicon.


The entire game is controlled with menu commands. The player can change the course as well as offensive and defensive manoeuvres of the spaceships, and deploy fighters on the planet itself. The game proceeds in real-time: if the player fails to choose a menu command within a short period of time his turn will be over and the enemies will execute their own manoeuvres.



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