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    Galactus is the devourer of worlds. He is nearly omnipotent.

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    Galactus is a cosmic figure in the Marvel Universe.  He traverses the universe, devouring the energy from planets to survive.  This process is essential to the order of the universe, and Galactus serves as a balance between Eternity and Death.

    Origin of Galactus

    Galactus was originally Galan, from Taa, a planet that existed prior to the creation of this universe.  He is a scientist exploring the cause of the end of his universe.  Taa is eventually the victim of a radioactive plague, from which Galan escaped in a spaceship at the last second.  He decides to travel directly into the heart of the Big Crunch, the nexus of his collapsing universe.  He discovers a Cosmic Egg there, which encases the Sentience Of The Universe.  The Phoenix Force preserves both Galan and the Cosmic Egg, enabling them to survive the ending of that universe.  At the same moment, the Sentience merges with Galan, and he is reborn in the current universe as Galactus.

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