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    Galaga 3

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released April 1984

    Namco's shooter series continues with Galaga 3, originally called Gaplus before being renamed in the US.

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    Galaga 3, also known as Gaplus, is a vertical-scrolling shoot 'em up in Namco's Galaga/Galaxian series that first arrived in arcades in 1984.


    The most notable new feature in this installment of the series is the player's ability to capture enemy ships. The player's ship is outfitted with the same "tractor beam" that was used by Boss Galagas in the original game. Using this ability, players could capture enemy ships to fight alongside their ship.

    Galaga 3 also has "time warp" areas, in which the player's ship moves backwards and the Galaga swarms are more aggressive.


    The game was originally called Gaplus in all regions. In the US, a conversion kit was distributed that changed the name to Galaga 3, presumably to avoid confusion about the game's relation to Galaga.

    "Galaga 3" implies a predecessor named "Galaga 2," even though no such game exists. However, if Galaxian is considered "Galaga 1," then Galaga becomes the second game in the series followed by Galaga 3.


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