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    Galaxy News Radio

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    Ran by DJ Three Dog, GNR battles the Enclave Radio Station as the news bringer of the Washington D.C. wasteland, in name of the Brotherhood of Steel fighting the "Good Fight".

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    Galaxy News Radio was founded before the nuclear war, by parent company Galaxy News Network. Originally it ran as a pro government radio station, but after Three Dog took over he started preaching for the "Good Fight", the fight fought by the Brotherhood of Steel. The station primarly plays big band music, PSA's, drama segments and it features a lot of dialog by Three Dog on the players progress. He randomly gives updates on the players progress in Fallout 3.

    These updates consist of randomly selected news articles describing missions played by the vault dweller. This feature is heavily influenced by the karma deposition of the player. If the player has good karma, Three Dog will speak positively, and call the player saint or saviour. When the players karma is neutral or bad, the player is referred to as cat or a-hole.However, this whole feature is heavily influenced by bugs. Three Dog often gives updates on quest not yet finished, or even started yet. This often gives mayor plot twists away, and has not been completely patched by Bethesda.

    There is no knowledge of how long the radio station has been running, who ran it before Three Dog, and how big the radio station was before the war.

    Discovering GNR

    The player in Fallout 3 stumbles upon the Galaxy News Radio building during a quest. Once the player arrives, accompanied by Brotherhood of Steel soldiers encountered just before, the player walks on on a battle between BoS soldiers defending the GNR building and a pack of Super Mutants and a Super Mutant Behemoth. When this battle is fought the GNR building opens to the player, and the player is informed GNR host Three Dog is waiting for them. Then Three Dog starts a new quest, which course is heavily depended on a speech check, to find the players father.


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