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Gale, Fog, Storm et al, are a small legion of malicious bikers who torment unwary targets in the Streets of Rage series with their underhanded fighting methods . They commonly make their entrances by trying to mow players down with their motorbikes, or by lobbing grenades as they pass.
Once dismounted, Gale and the others attack with metal pipes or by holding opponents prone while their allies brutalize them. Outside of their dirty tricks, they can also throw a surprisingly sudden punch.
While dislodging a biker from his bike is no great task, on higher difficulties they tears across the screen in large numbers and at great speeds, which is often difficult to deal with.
The bikers return in Streets of Rage 3, but no longer dismount their bikes for hand-to-hand combat, nor do they assault the player(s) with petrol bombs. Also, their bikes no longer explode after crashing.

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