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    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released March 2000

    Galerians is a 1999 survival horror game, which follows a young boy called Rion who tries to remember who he is.

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    Galerians was released on the PlayStation by Polygon Magic, in Japan in 1999 and in the West in 2000. Galerians is considered a survival horror game with a psychic dark setting. You play Rion a boy who discovers he has psychic powers but suffers from constant amnesia. Through the game, he tries to remember who he is and by doing so finds out he is the last hope for Galerians.


    Rion Steiner
    Rion Steiner

    You play as a Protagonist called Rion who finds himself in hospital with no memory, with psychic powers. Using these powers he tries to escape from the hospital but hears a young girl's voice calling him. So he decides to find this girl and find out what his real identity is. Through the hospital, he finds rooms where experiments are done to him and other people as well. After escaping from the hospital he tries to make his way home. by using his powers he learns that his parents were killed by other people with psychic powers and learns one of the doctors created an A.I. computer called Dorothy. Dorothy who can control herself without any help decides to do things differently against the orders of the doctors and declares in creating a superhuman race called the galerians. In order to save humanity Rion and the young girl must go and face Dorothy to save all of human life.


    Being a survival horror game it has the Resident Evil style control and feeling in-game. Using items such as drugs and finding clues using your psychic power you work your way through the game meeting enemies and new characters. In the hud, there are 3 bars that represent HP (Health), AP ( Stress meter, if this meter becomes full by being attacked Rion will lose control of his abilities and start killing non-enemies. If this is not treated with a drug he will begin to shorten and eventually be killed) and drug meter ( which shows which drug you are using and how much of it is left).


    Rion Steiner - A 14-year-old boy who finds himself in a hospital, with no memory of how he got there and who he is.

    Lilia Pascalle - She and Rion are childhood friends and she is the daughter of Dr. Pascalle. She gained her telepathic powers after both Rions father and her own injected a virus program into her brain.

    Dr Lem - In charge of the hospital and the man who experimented on Rion.

    Birdman - Another galerian who has the powers of teleportation. He is looking for Lilia under the command of the supercomputer Dorothy.

    Rainheart - A galerian with a split personality. This 15-year-old who acts like a child is the most destructive galerian as his split personality is both of a simple child and a killer.

    Rita - Another member of the galerians, she has the powers of psychokinesis.

    Cain - The last galerian and who looks like Rion.


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