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In the Valkyria Chronicle series, Gallia is a neutral country in central Europa.  Its aesthetic is in part modeled after Holland, with its green fields and giant windmills.  There is a large desert area named Barious in the east, and a large forested region in the southeast.  The country is rich in Ragnite, particularly in its northwestern region, which is the primary fuel source in its world.  Its capital, Randgriz, is located in the center of the country. 
In 1935 EC and led by Prince Maximilian Gaius von Reginrave, the Eastern Europan Empire invaded Gallia during Europan War II in order to gain access to its rich stores of Ragnite for the Empire's war effort against the Atlantic Federation.  In 1937 EC, after it was revealed that the Gallian leadership were Darcsens, Gilbert Gassenarl formed the Gallian Revolutionary Army and fomented a rebellion to wrest control from the Darcsens and restore Gallia's leadership to pure-blooded Gallians.

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