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Gals Panic is a sexualized variant of the classic arcade game Qix. It features the same box-capturing gameplay of the original, but rewards the player's performance with pictures of women in various stages of undress.


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Gals Panic is played over three rounds on a rectangular field that contains a silhouette of a female model. The player controls a marker that travels along the edge of the field. In each round, the player must venture into the field and carve out contiguous boxes, gradually revealing more of the picture. When the player carves out at least 80% of the silhouette portion of the picture the round ends and reveals the entire picture of the model.

Throughout the round, several things impede the player's progress. One is the three-minute time limit. Each round also features an enemy to torment the player (a spider, a fire elemental, or a geometric shape.) The large enemies can also spawn smaller enemies that can kill the player's marker on contact, or by crossing the line on an unfinished box. Finally, the player's own eagerness can be used against them. The top of the screen displays a meter that goes up or down based on whether the player captures boxes that contain the model's silhouette, or portions of the background. If the player captures too much of the silhouette without balancing it with parts of the background, the meter will fall. If it goes below level 6 (out of 20) the play field will switch to a cartoon image of a ninja, octopus, crocodile, bear, or sheep. If the player passes the round with the alternate image up, it counts as a fail and they must try again; the model's image can be restored by capturing portions of the background. Essentially, this system forces the player to keep a balance between the nude woman and non-nude woman parts of the field.


Gals Panic features six stages, with each stage represented by a different Japanese model. Each stage is played in three rounds. The models are:
  • Marina Matsumoto
  • Ayami Kida
  • Ayami Kida
  • Yuki Miho
  • Emi Nakahara
  • Shiori Asano

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