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    Game Boy Camera

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Feb 21, 1998

    A camera peripheral for the Game Boy.

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    The Game Boy Camera is an add-on, peripheral for the Game Boy which takes black & white pictures and provides very limited editing tools such as adding stickers to taken pictures. The camera itself actually takes photos at a greater resolution than the Game Boy’s screen and so images shown on the Game Boy’s screen are displayed at only half of their actual detail.

    A variety of mini-games were built into the add-on some of which incorporated the player’s face into the gameplay

    There is also a variety of mini-games built into the add-on that utilize the pictures taken, such as a juggling game and a vertical space shooter as well as some which incorporate the player's face into the gameplay.

    An optional printer could also be used in tandem with the camera that could print the pictures via heat-based printing technology, instead of conventional ink. These pictures could then be stuck to objects via an adhesive backing.

    The peripheral was awarded The World's Smallest Digital Camera by the Guinness Book of World Records in 1999 and the Game Boy Camera has been credited for, among other things, originating the modern concept of the selfie.

    Table of statistics:

    Focal Length20 cm


    256 x 224

    Storage Capacity30 images

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