GDC Vault question regarding 2012 panels.

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as someone who isn't in a gaming industry but enjoys learning anything he can in regards to it, i enjoy watching the gdc panels that are viewable in the free section of the gdc vault website. i was wondering if anyone knew when the panels for 2012 gdc would likely be up for viewing. i know gdc just passed, but wasn't sure if there was a usual time table for when that stuff goes up or if it's a "whenever they get them up" type of situation. sad to see no 2-3 podcast go-around for gdc like there has been in the past. those podcasts, outside of the e3 and game of the year podcasts, are podcasts that i truly look forward to with each new year. maybe next year. still got a few panels from last year that i haven't gone thru yet. mostly postmortems though, but neat stuff nonetheless.

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