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    Game Master Arino

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    The evil Game Master Arino is the antagonist of Retro Game Challenge, who assigns challenges to the player.

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    The character of "Game Master Arino" is based on Shinya Arino, half of comedy duo Yoiko and host of TV program GameCenter CX. The show presents Arino as "kacho" (chief) of a company called GameCenter CX in which his job is to play and complete video games. He is often not entirely successful and requires the help of his assistant directors (ADs) and other staff.

    The English-language version of the first GameCenter CX game, known as Retro Game Challenge, introduces "Game Master Arino" as a digital manifestation of Arino's obsession with old video games who sends modern gamers back to the 1980s and forces them to complete challenges. The player is accompanied on these quests by a childhood version of Arino himself.

    Arino also appears in Guadia Quest (the fake RPG) as the Game Guadia, an extremely tough foe-turned-ally who is cleverly hidden in several locations.


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