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Game no Tetsujin: The Shanghai (loosely translated to "Iron Man of Games: The Shanghai") is a mahjong solitaire game developed and published by SUNSOFT (under license from Activision) for the Sony PlayStation, Sega Saturn, and Super Famicom in Japan on October 13, 1995.

A spin-off of the board game collection Game no Tatsujin, The Shanghai features three single-player games based on the game of mahjong solitaire:

  • Shanghai - Based on the Shanghai series. Traditional mahjong solitaire, where players are given a multi-layer tile formation and must attempt to remove all pairs from the board.
  • Rong Rong - Based the 1994 arcade game Puzzle Game Rong Rong. The "nikakudori" variant of mahjong solitaire, where play players can only match tiles if a path of straight lines (horizontal and vertical) can be made between them so that no line touches any other tile and the path must form less than three right angles. Unlike most "nikakudori" variants, tiles are stacked and players can only match tiles on the same layer.
  • Shikinjou - Based on the 1989 game of the same name. A block-pushing game similar to Sokoban, Shikinjou has players moving their character (a hopping jiangshi) around the board while pushing mahjong tiles to find a path to the exit. When a pushed tile touches one-or-more tiles of the same type, all of these tiles vanish. However, if a pushed tile instead touches an immovable "honor" (dragons and winds) tile, it too becomes that immovable tile (which may cause an unwinnable state).

In addition, the game includes a Story Mode that cycles between all three modes.

The PS1 version was later re-released as part of the budget Value 1500 series on May 2, 2000, split into two games: The Shanghai (including both Shanghai and Rong Rong modes) and The Shikinjou (including Shikinjou mode). The Shanghai version was later digitally re-released for the PlayStation Network (as an Original PlayStation Archives title) on December 7, 2011.


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