Mors Ending (spoilers)

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I just finished this, and I went with the Mors ending. How fucking depressing. Anyway, my question is; is that guy who Mors beheads at the end Patrek? He has the same face but then again about 12,000 people in Westeros look exactly like that so I couldn't tell.

Cheers to anyone who can clear it up for me.

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The most depressing epilogue is the one when Alester gives the kid to Cersei for Riverspring's Lordship.

Personally, I thought that that particular ending was grim but totally badass. It's easily my favorite of the four possible epilogues. Also, I am pretty sure that it's Patrek. He gets accused of murder because people think he's a Wildling and after you clear his name he complains about disliking the watch because they all turned on him so easily.

Now, if only all the VO, aside from a few rare exceptions, wasn't terrible.

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