Episode 2 Discussion and Choices (SPOILERS)

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So what did you do? Kill the guard?Forge the letter?Fuck up your marriage? Discuss!

I chose against forging the letter, since deliberately fucking with Maergery seems like it would only lead to a bad bad place. For similar reasons, I said no to drinking any of Sera's stolen wine, which evidently the game didn't consider as meaningful a decision as I did. I did not end up able to convince Rodrik's fiance to go forward with the marriage; I went silent on the last line, feeling that "I love you!" was too pushy, "There'll be no war" was too naive and "We'll give you our ironwood" was too hasty. Eh, she'll come around.

I tried not to be deliberately on one side of the other with Finn and Cotter; I told Cotter to give back the knife, then punched Finn in the face when he started threatening to beat Cotter over it. Decided to stop punching him once I had him on the ground, which I hope the game takes into account later on rather than just assuming I missed a prompt and lost.

Didn't kiss Lord Whitewood's ring because fuck you, no, why would I do that when I know the dude has no interest in being anything other than shithead incarnate?

Finally, I decided to kill the guard and keep the murder weapon because the slave boy deserved to live, the guard was only going to cause trouble later, and if I dumped the murder weapon now it'd only be found and pinned on the slave. Overally, i'm happy with all my choices, though I wish I could've convinced the fiance some other way.

Okay episode, 6 out of 10. Maybe 7 at a push. The writing was really inconsistent, veering from genuinely interesting (Asher and his gal pal's banter) to cringe-inducing ("OI IS THAT RODRIK A CRIPPLE? I THINK HE'S A CRIPPLE! LOOK, HE'S A CRIPPLE, HOW DISGUSTING!"). Felt like the pacing was super off too; the writing team really needs to keep in mind that perspective-changing is not the magical "we don't know what to do with this scene anymore, abort abort abort" button.

Also, the fire in that corpse-burning scene at the end was REALLY BAD.

TellTale seriously needs to sort out that paint-texture shader. Like, it's insane that they have a host of popular celebrities voicing main characters in this tie-in to one of the most successful shows of all-time, but all of the backgrounds look like they're gross and melting.

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Just finished it: I...

  • ...chose not to forge the letter. Forging the letter seems like a really short term solution to the problem. You'd essentially be sacrificing your position with Margaery so that you could secure a temporary bethrothal. But as soon as people find out the letter is a fake, you lose both the betrothal and the Tyrells.
  • promised a share of the ironwood to the other family in order to obtain the Rodrick's betrothal to Eleana. She said that this would convince her father to allow her to go ahead with the marriage. While the ironwood is invaluable, the Whitehalls are pushing you around at will so it's pretty clear that you have no military strength to speak of (in Westeros, at least). You desperately need allies and the ironwood is pretty much your only bargaining chip. Once you have solidified the alliance with a marriage, it seems unlikely that they would betray you.
  • .. refused to kiss the ring because I didn't want to look weak in front of the woman I just convinced to marry me, because I thought that might cause her to second guess her choice. Also, fuck that guy...
  • also tried to stay neutral between Finn and Cotter. I told both of them to shut up repeatedly and then even took the blame when Frostfingers asked who was talking because neither of them had listened to me. I ultimately ended up beating the shit out of Finn though, because he was begging for it by continuing to be a dick to me even after I took the blame and told Cotter to give the knife back.
  • ... ran away from Damien Lannister, rather than attacking him. I was in the strong minority here but I did this because there is always someone watching in King's Landing. I am 100% certain that someone will find out if you killed him and killing Lannisters seems like a great way to ruin your mutually beneficial alliance with Tyrion and get the Lannisters to support the Whitehalls. While Tyrion dislikes his family, he remains loyal to them (at least until the end of A Storm of Swords. The slave boy survived anyway so not sure what benefit you get from attacking Damien.

I enjoyed the episode, probably because I am a huge fan of the series (both books and show) and I just can't get enough of this world. I am really intrigued about how they will weave these storylines in with the existing narrative. That said, I do agree with the above as far as this game looking like shit.

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I chose not to forge Margaery's letter - i didn't have Margaery's seal, i felt it didn't make sense

I refused to kiss Lord Whitehill's ring - Man that guy was being a real asshole so i figured screw him, i figured the younger brother can hold up, he would be fine. Also i wanted to look good in front of Elaena to ensure the wedding happens

I won Rodrik's betrothal to Elaena Glenmore - I felt I gave way too much for this wedding, half the ironwood is a lot. But i'm assuming i need their help.

I stood up for Cotter after he stole Finn's knife - Finn was acting like an asshole so i felt he should be screwed around a bit. It was all in good fun

I killed Mira's attacker - I mean if i let him live, he would probably try to attack me again. I really felt there wasn't much choice in this, you had to kill him.

Overall it was a good episode but i don't think it was as good as the first episode. It didn't feel like much happened we were just getting a feel of all the characters. I did like all the Essos parts. Also Kit as Jon Snow didn't voice him very well at first. I thought they weren't able to Kit to do his part. Later when you talk with him one on one he started sounding more like the show. Cersei and Tyrion are definitely much better acted.

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I know I should have given her the wood but I though nah saying I love you will bring her around. I'm almost tempted do re do the marriage talk.

I felt like every choice I made fuck me over somehow.

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After playing Life is Strange, I'm not sure I can, or will ever play another Telltale episodic game ever again. This felt really bad. And I didn't enjoy it. I don't have anything nice to say about this episode or the game overall so far. The graphics look like a terrible painting and everything is out of focus and popping in out and out all the time. Blurry ass characters. Audio constantly restarting over, and getting out of sync. This is how many of these things now and they still cant fix the technical issues. Also the story is not very engaging to me. This episode felt like it was an hour too long. I don't want to sit here an just dump on it, but man.

As for the choices, No forgery, figured it would fail without the seal. No ring kiss, fuck that guy. No marriage, on purpose because I thought it was the one his younger brother was in love with, I was wrong. Stood up for Cotter, because that other guy is a huge dick. Killed the attacker and kept the knife. Probably should have thrown it, but was thinking that dude sulking around would find it.

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