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    Game Party Champions

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Nov 18, 2012

    A Wii U exclusive skill-based party game featuring multiple sports and arcade games.

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    Game Party Champions is a party game that was a launch title for the Nintendo Wii U and is the fifth game in the Game Party franchise. The game was developed by Phosphor Games and was published by WB Games exclusively for the Wii U.


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    The 8 mini-games included in the game are:

    • Ping Pong
    • Air Hockey
    • Skee-Ball
    • Miniature Golf
    • Baseball Batting Cages
    • Hoop Shot (throwing basketball's through hoops)
    • Football (throwing footballs through holes and at targets)
    • Water Bulls-Eye (a water pistol game)

    The actual gameplay varies dependent on the game type but incorporates either tilting, touching or turning the Wii U GamePad in various different ways.

    From the main menu of the game there are four options to choose from: Story, Party, Free Play and High Scores.

    Free Play - allows the selection of any of the 8 mini-games to be played.

    Party Mode - up to 4 players participate in a board-game style competition. The goal is to beat each challenge to move ahead on the game board and be the first to reach the finish.

    High Scores - allows the best results for each game including stats broken down by various categories to be seen. High Scores can also be compared via online leader boards.

    Story - the Story Mode is used to unlock 4 of the 8 mini-games that are included in the game. To unlock the additional game modes players must successfully defeat 5 opponents at the various mini-games to earn trophies and medals in order to move to the different arcade locations where the different mini-games are held. The story cultivates in the player entering into the World Championship Games where they must repeat the process of defeating 5 opponents at each of the 8 different games in order to be crowned the World Champion.


    Players take upon the role of Riley who has been convinced by his best friend Jason to enter into various competitions at the local arcades to help him get over the death of his father who died 5 years ago. As Riley continues to win the tournaments at the local arcades, he eventually gains entry into the World Championship Games which upon winning grants him the title of Game Party World Champion.


    • The game's manually incorrectly names Riley's best friend as Jace instead of Jason as he is referred to within the game.

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