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    Game Party

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Nov 27, 2007

    This party game is a party... of games.

    4thhorseman's Game Party (Wii) review

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    Save your Money

    I'm going to cut to the chase. Do not purchase this game. Let some other poor sap (like moi) purchase this game so you can try it out at their house. Really, it's quite a sad attempt at Wii Play/Sports. 

    There are 7 mini games on this Game Party game, and most of them are not very much fun or good. You have air hockey, skiball, darts, trivia, hoop shot, tossing balls in cups, and shuffleboard. I know you're asking yourself, "How could you possibly go wrong with a selection like that!?" Well, here's how they did it. 

    Air Hockey is a erratic game of hitting a puck with an arm that can't stay under control. Even when you think you have figured out exactly how to move, you do something and realize you're completely wrong. This game is no fun at all, and trying to figure out how to move your arm up and down and stretch it out to hit the puck is confusing and irritating. 

    Skiball is another game that I enjoy in real life, but not on the wii. Using the same movements as wii bowling, you roll this ball and try to get it into 1 of 6 (or 7?) holes. Too bad it's nearly impossible to get a good score in this game and it's not as fun as bowling. 

    Hoop Shot. Pretty self explanatory. You shoot a ball in a hoop, and your movements with the wiimote is the same. Pretty simple game, and pretty easy to master. It's just no fun when you hit almost every shot the first time playing this game. 

    Cup ball (which is what I'm calling it since I can't remember the actual name) is also another boring game they decided to throw on here. It's like that drinking game where you bounce a ball into a cup and it has to be drank. It's a pain getting the ball in the cup, and the only way to have fun playing this game is to actually be drunk while playing. 

    Darts is a fun game actually, despite being bundled with some terrible games. If you like darts in real life, you'll enjoy this game. The only problem I have with this is sometimes it gets a little frustrating trying to hit certain spots and it always hitting everything around it. Makes you want to throw the wii-mote like a dart through the tv. 

    Shuffleboard, having not played it before, took me by surprise. It was definately the most competitive game on this disc, and surprisingly fun. It's a blast trying to get the farthest you can without going over and trying to knock off other people's discs. Definately the best game on here. 

    Trivia is kinda so-so. Not bad, but not great. You get asked questions in some topics like music, movies/tv, geography, etc. Nothing new or mindblowing, but something to pass the time. 

    OTHER THINGS THAT TICKED ME OFF: The multiplayer wasn't available in every game. The only ones with multiplayer were air hockey (2 players), Trivia (up to 4) and Shuffleboard (up to 4) and cup ball (2 players). One thing I like in games is being able to use my mii, which I can't do in this game, unless it's one of the unlockables which I haven't done yet.
    In other words, you might have fun with a couple games, but it's not as great of a party as they make it out to be. Keep away...far far away!    

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