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    Game & Watch Gallery 2

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Sep 27, 1997

    The second collection of Game & Watch games for the Game Boy.

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    Game & Watch Gallery 2 (Game Boy Gallery 2 in Japan and Game Boy Gallery 3 in Australia) was released on November 1, 1998 for the Game Boy Color. The game was developed and published by Nintendo. Game & Watch Gallery 2 includes five different games (as well as several unlockable games), in both the original Game & Watch version and an updated version. The game was also compatible with the Super Game Boy, which gave it a border that looked similar to the original design of the Game & Watch.


    Each game is a simple Game & Watch game that also features an updated version (called the "Modern" version). The Modern version features upgraded graphics, sound, and animation. The games all give the player three chances to "miss" one, and if three misses are made then a game over is prompted.

    If the player can make 200 points on a game, then it unlocks a star. Stars can be used to unlock several things, such as other games and a music room.


    The Classic version of Chef.
    The Classic version of Chef.

    The Modern version, relatively different from the Classic version. Peach is hitting food with a pan while Yoshi catches it in his mouth. They move simultaneously when controlled with the control pad. Food must be bounced until it becomes "cooked," otherwise it will not be worth as much when fed to Yoshi and will prevent him from growing. If food is bounced too much, it turns black and disappears, and will also cause Yoshi's growth to move backwards.

    In the classic version, there is only one person with a pan who bounces several pieces of food. In this version, there is a cat in the upper-left hand side of the screen who will occasionally run interference by catching the left-most piece of food on a fork and release it at a random time.

    Donkey Kong

    In Donkey Kong, Mario must be guided to the top of the stage, as with the traditional Donkey Kong gameplay. Unlike many of the other games in Game & Watch Gallery 2, other buttons than the control pad come into effect, as the A button makes the character jump in both versions (Mario or Mr. Game & Watch, depending on the version). Other than animation, graphical, and sound differences, the Modern and Classic are relatively similar.


    In the Modern version of Helmet, Mario must hit the buttons.
    In the Modern version of Helmet, Mario must hit the buttons.

    In the Classic version, tools are falling and Mr. Game & Watch must reach the other side without getting hit by a tool. If he manages to do so, he loops back over to the other side of the screen. In hard mode, the door on the right side will randomly open and close instead of remaining open or shut at regular intervals.

    In the Modern version, Mario must avoid hammers, spikes, and fireballs being dropped by a Paratroopa while trying to hit a P-Switch (which opens the door). After Mario scores 500 points, the door will lead him to a new area where the Paratroopa will drop spikes into a random array of cannons which will change their trajectories and make their destinations much harder to predict. After reaching a score of 1000 points, Mario will be taken to an area similar to Bowser's Castle where he will have to dodge fireballs and Thwomps instead of falling hammers.

    If the player fails to score 100 points or more in Modern Mode and immediately selects "retry" upon seeing the "Game Over" menu, Mario will be replaced by Wario.


    Fear not, hungry sharks are here to assist you.
    Fear not, hungry sharks are here to assist you.

    In the Classic version, Mr. Game & Watch must rescue characters who parachute out of a helicopter at the top of the screen. Each of these characters falls at the same rate of speed. The one difference between Normal and Hard modes is that occasionally the parachutist farthest to the right will snag on the palm tree to the right and detach at a random, unpredictable time.

    Characters in the Modern version vary between Toad, Yoshi, and Donkey Kong Jr. The three characters vary time at which they open their chutes. Toad always opens his after jumping, Yoshi varies the time at which he opens his parachute, and Donkey Kong Jr. always waits until he has nearly reached the water to open his. They drop out of an Airship which sits at the top-left of the screen. A cannon sits on the shore at the far right. Occasionally a character will drift into it and be launched back into the playing field. Also, at 100 point intervals the airship will drop Yoshi eggs which contain both a Starman and a Boo Buddy. If Mario collects the Starman, the cannon will launch more Starmen who are each worth a 5 point bonus when caught. However, if he catches the Boo then the cannon will launch bombs instead, which will cost him a miss if he catches them.


    Yoshi protects a circle of eggs in the Modern version. Enemies approach from all sides, and the player must direct Yoshi to them to hit them with a hammer. No button must be pressed to make Yoshi hit them, as he does it automatically. In the Classic version, Mr. Game & Watch goes back and forth hitting enemies as they come up from underground.


    Ball, the very first Game & Watch title, can be unlocked once the player collects 15 stars from the other games. In easy mode the player needs to juggle two balls, while in hard mode the player juggles three. In both "Classic" and "Modern" modes only one miss is allowed.

    Once the player collects 25 stars, they will be able to play the "Modern" version. Four different versions of the "Modern" version exist, featuring Yoshi, Mario, Wario, and Bowser. Each of these different versions are unlocked as the player collects more stars, ending with the Bowser version which requires 100 stars. The main difference between the "Classic" and "Modern" modes is that "Modern" mode provides the player with opportunities to earn bonuses by collecting coins and also occasionally presents the player with obstacles that must be avoided to prevent a loss.


    The museum is where players can view movies of other Game & Watch games being played, and also where even more mini-games can be unlocked, although these cannot earn any stars. It's important to remember that some of these games cannot be unlocked without linking to another Game Boy with a copy of the game. The games available to unlock are Ball, Donkey Kong, Oil Panic, Green House, Lifeboat, Donkey Kong Jr, Tropical Fish, Rain Shower, and Spit Ball Sparky.


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