Game & Watch Gallery

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released May 08, 1997

    G&W Gallery is the first in a series of games collecting classic Game and Watch titles and modernizing them with Mario characters and updated game-play mechanics.

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    Game & Watch Gallery contains four separate Game & Watch games. Each game features an easy mode and a hard mode, as well as a "Classic" and "Modern" mode. The Classic modes are the original games in their original form. The Modern modes are updated versions of those games using Mario characters and locations. These modes also have updated graphics and gameplay styles.


    In Manhole, the player must replace manholes as people walk over them.  Once three people fall, the game is over.  Only one manhole can be replaced at a time.  The harder the game gets, the faster and more numerous the people are.

    Modern Mode

    In modern mode, the main character is Yoshi.  Yoshi uses his tongue to hold up most of the manholes for the multiple Toads that are walking by.  Also, heavier characters appear as difficulty advances.

    Oil Panic!

    In Oil Panic! the player has to catch oil drops as they're falling on the ground in a bucket.  The bucket, however, can only contain three drops, so the player must dump the oil bucket safely outside the building while simultaneously trying to avoid hitting the citizens at the bottom of the level with the dropped oil.  As difficulty progresses the oil drops and the people move faster.

    Modern Mode

    Oil's modern mode replaces Mr. Game and Watch with Mario, and an oil-dripping-ceiling with Bowser and a bucket.  In this game, Mario has two buckets, which means that the number of drops also doubles.  This version replaces the gas station with Bowser's Castle.


    In Octopus, the player is a scuba diver in search of treasure.  However, a giant octopus is guarding said treasure and most be avoided.  The object of the game is to get as much treasure as possible before dying.  As the game gets harder, the octopus gets faster.

    Modern Mode

    The modern mode in Octopus is much more similar to the original edition than previous games.  Mr. Game and Watch is once again replaced by Mario.  The more treasure Mario grabs, the heavier and slower he gets, making escape difficult.  Also, treasure can now be thrown at the octopus to stop its attacks.  Peach is now on the boat with Mario, instead of different scuba divers like in the classic mode.


    In Fire, the player must save people from a building being torn apart by flame.  The people are jumping out of the building, and the player uses a trampoline to literally bounce them into an ambulance.  As the game gets more difficult the number of people increase, as well as the speed of the game.

    Modern Mode

    In Fire's modern mode, a medic team is replaced by Mario and Luigi, and the ambulance is a mushroom car.  Also, a number of different Mario characters fall, including Toad (the lightest), DK Jr (the medium weight), and Yoshi (the heaviest).  In addition, stars and bombs also come out of the building.  Putting a star in the mushroom car grants the player extra points, while putting a bomb in the car loses the player a life.  The games difficulty progresses almost exactly similarly to the classic mode, except the player can earn extra lives by catching Princess Peach's kisses.


    • The person controlled by the player in all of the classic games is Mr. Game and Watch. He's now a character in the Super Smash Bros. series.
    • The "Oil" and "Fire" classic levels are featured in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as one of Mr. Game and Watch's locations.
    • In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Mr. Game and Watch's final smash is becoming Octopus from Octopus.

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