I got a Gamecube (sort of.)

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I've had a Wii for ages, but I just found a Gamecube controller and am now looking to catch up on all the amazing games that I missed from when that platform was alive. I've had a look around already and have already picked up Eternal Darkness and Wind Waker. I also found Double Dash, Burnout 2 and 1080 Avalanche in the box with the controller (and an actual Gamecube, but why bother using that when the Wii is already set up.) Anything else that people can reccomend for me?

Also, as I said I was already looking around and that led me to this review of Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance 2. For some reason, Ryan is adorable in it.

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If you can find it, doshin the giant and pikmin.

Also try to find a wavebird controller.

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Looking into those two now. I should have mentioned it, but I'd prefer stuff that isn't all that well known for being amazing. I've already looked at a bunch of top 10 and top 25 lists for the Gamecube so I know most of those already.

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Luigis Mansion

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Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door has the best writing and localization of any JRPG ever made. It's like Working Designs quality. It's fucking hilarious, and the game's a blast to play too.

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You should totally try playing Die Hard: Vendetta.

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@Murdouken: Dark Alliance 2 only came out on PS2/Xbox, but I thought the first Dark Alliance was better, anyway.

Luigi's Mansion, Wind Waker, Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door are all pretty great.

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People love to hate Mario Sunshine but it's actually pretty good.

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I'm not sure how some of the gamecube exclusives hold up in this day and age. There's Wind Waker, and that game is probably my second favorite Zelda game, but you already have that and Eternal Darkness, a game that I thought was merely ok.

Super Mario Sunshine maybe? I mean, that game has some fairly serious problems, like the over-reliance on that stupid water pack, but it's not bad by any means. If you're into Fire Emblem (which I am), one of the better ones to reach the west is on the Gamecube. Uhhhh..... ehhhh.... the remake of Resident Evil? That's a gamecube exclusive. I still like that game, but that's clearly me. Pikmin, I guess? Man. This is depressing me.

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Killer 7 if you've never played that... GC version was the version to get I understand. Fire emblem is great. Metroid Prime is a big one and deservedly so. I am partial to the Resident Evil Remake.

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F-Zero GX is an incredible racing game. Easily the best game in the series, but keep in mind that it's challenging (in a good way, though, I think).

Super Mario Sunshine is a game that doesn't get enough credit anymore. Everyone loved it, and yet when Galaxy came out, people totally turned their backs on Sunshine and betrayed it. It's a great game. I'd go as far as to say it's much better than the incredibly overrated Mario Galaxy. The platforming in Sunshine is excellent, and it's a nice diversion from the usual Mario scene. My only real gripes with the game are the horrible last level, the fact that not every stage of each level has 100 coins (you get a shine for getting 100 coins in a level, but not every stage of the level has 100, so you might scour every inch of the stage only to find the max is like 85 coins which is annoying if you're trying to get all 120 shines). Also, a couple of the shines are a bit tedious, but all in all, it's a great and underappreciated game.

Luigi's Mansion is pretty cool. It wasn't the big blockbuster launch title people were expecting, but it's still fun and charming in it's own right. Just be sure to watch out for those guh-guh-guh-guh-guh-guh-ghosts!! It's not that long of a game, but I found it enjoyable enough to play a second time. I enjoyed the gameplay. It was fun and original, which I think is one of the highlights of the Gamecube. Nintendo tried new things and took risks with their big games, and it paid off well for the most part.

Pikmin is a must. Some will argue that the sequel is better, but that's mainly just because people don't like being timed. Get both, if you'd like. The first one holds a special place in my heart, though the sequel is no slouch either. They're very fun, imaginative games.

Animal Crossing is one of my all time favorite games. Sure, they've made other versions, yet somehow the original still remains the best. It does have some shortcomings, but it also has a nice selection of about a dozen fully playable NES games you can unlock. I much preferred the "acre" layout over the "rolling log" style that was featured in the later games. I've been playing Animal Crossing on and off for nearly 10 years now, and I still love it.

Resident Evil is still the scariest game I've ever played. Though, I'm a wuss and avoid most survival horror games. Still, the remake was very well done. I had to use the grenade launcher cheat to finish it, because otherwise I would have wussed out just a few hours in. Still, I really enjoyed it and found it to be quite an impressive game. Lisa still scares me like no other. It gives me the creeps just thinking about it.

Resident Evil 4 is more up my alley. If you haven't played this game, you absolutely need to. It's absolutely one of the best games of last gen. Wonderful action, great visuals, good gameplay (though it might be hard to adapt to pausing to shoot these days, but stick with it, because it's totally wortth it). The game is actually surprisingly long. It's a good 15 hours or so, and yet there's never a dull moment. This one goes down as one of my all-time favorite games.

Metroid Prime may very well be the single best game of last gen. No Gamecube collection would be complete without it. It is just absolutely phenomenal. People had doubts about Metroid working in 3D, but this game proved all the naysayers wrong. They created such a wonderful world. It's truly and utterly remarkable. Just talking about it makes me want to go back and play it again.

You got Wind Waker, Eternal Darkness, and Double Dash, so no need for me to comment on those ones. Good choices!

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Chubby Robo!

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Does Viewtiful Joe count? Because that's a pretty solid game.

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Pikmin and Pikmin 2, Star Wars Rouge Leader, Metroid Prime, Mario Sunshine, Wind Waker, Double Dash, F-Zero GX, Luigi's Mansion, Eternal Darkness, RE4, MGS: The Twin Snakes, and Super Smash Bros Melee were what defined my experience with the GameCube. It's no PS2 lineup, but I'll take that over the original X-Box any day. Sorry about 1080 though. SSX3 and SSX On Tour were better snowboarding games of that generation in my own opinion

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I agree with every game mentioned, at least those I've played. I'd like to highlight Super Mario Sunshine as others have. It's my favorite of the 3D Mario games.

I'll throw out a couple from my personal favorites. Mario Power Tennis is the best arcady tennis game I've played. Lots of character variety, some fun minigames and a tight sense of control over the action. The power shots get repetitious but they can be turned off after you've had your fill.

But the big name I'll add to the list is Skies of Arcadia: Legends. I have a seemingly infinite amount of nostalgia for this game, my favorite JRPG. However, I did go through it once more this past summer and honestly, it holds up. Be wary, it is heavy on the random battles - though not as heavy as the Dreamcast version, but it has some nice additions from the DC version, my favorite video game soundtrack of all time, and a strong, engaging story with some truly endearing characters. Highly recommend this title.

Oh yeah, Super Smash Bros. Melee is pretty dope too, if that's your thing. It certainly was mine.

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You guys are all the greatest people of all time. I'm investigating all of these now. Thank you!

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@OneKillWonder said:

You should totally try playing Die Hard: Vendetta.

Wow, good call. Wonder how that's aged.

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Tales of Symphonia. It was my first Tales game, and continues to be the only one in the series that hooked me.

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Make sure you have a Gamecube memory card - Gamecube games can't save to the Wii internal memory.

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@OneKillWonder said:

You should totally try playing Die Hard: Vendetta.

That game was f**king horrible but i liked it anyway :P

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Battalion Wars
@OneKillWonder said:

You should totally try playing Die Hard: Vendetta.

That video review from Gerstmann was pretty disappointing by video review of terrible games standard. He wasn't pissed off at all by the game, he was just kind of sad.

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