Someone just found a secret

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#51 Posted by Bubahula (2224 posts) -

ohhh snap! madness!

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#52 Posted by Whisperkill (3045 posts) -

quite awesome

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#53 Posted by ToxicFruit (1915 posts) -

that's cool !

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#54 Posted by Ghostiet (5832 posts) -
@AgentJ said:
" "

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#55 Posted by Evilsbane (5568 posts) -

And with that Nintendo gained back a little bit of my old love for them, but just a little bit...

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#56 Posted by Gamer_152 (14501 posts) -

This blew my mind. Holy hell that is awesome.

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#57 Edited by Emilio (3581 posts) -
@MattyFTM said:

" I was utterly disappointed when I heard that. I suppose it was kinda cool, but I thought it was going to be totaka's song. Now that would have been awesome. "

I think its much more coolerer that it wasn't Totaka's song, since that bitch is in every place!
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#58 Posted by Urmean (609 posts) -

Oh my

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#59 Posted by StarFoxA (5261 posts) -

I love holding down buttons and making the cube logo do different sounds... that was awesome.

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#60 Posted by Aetos (1700 posts) -

Oh man thats awsome.

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#61 Edited by Fortenium (111 posts) -

Mind = blown. 
An Easter Egg lying dormant for eight years? The composer is very clever because most, if not all, Easter eggs for video game platforms are found in months. 
Also, is it just me, or does the section when the cube spins around sound like the flute from Super Mario Bros. 3 and The Legend of Zelda?       

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#62 Posted by S0ndor (2717 posts) -

My brain has been liquefied and is now leaking out of my nose...

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#63 Posted by Will (315 posts) -

Holy fucking shit thats aweomse, small things like this make me love Nintendo even more :)

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#64 Posted by Cetra (64 posts) -

Ha, pretty cool. 

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