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    “Our mission is to design new, dedicated gameplay mechanics to revolutionize VR/AR/MR gaming industry and unleash its full potential.”

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    Gamedust studio is a game developer who emerged from the Poznań software house Setapp. What motivated the creation of the studio was the desire to create unique games. The origins of these dreams go back to the execution of orders for external companies. Gamedust was created in order to create unusual, original, and entertaining titles for players.

    The studio's adventure with VR technology began with the logical, disturbing title Neverout. In Neverout, the player tries to escape from a huge cube-shaped prison. To do this, we solve logical puzzles and play with perspective switching. The early audience of virtual reality games liked the idea very much, evoking associations with escape rooms. The studio's next title was the hit Overflight. In this game, we sit at the controls of a combat plane and fight opponents in the realities of the Second World War. In addition to the campaign, there was also a multiplayer mode. Gamers around the world have come to love Overflight and it has made Gamedust a really good reputation.

    The third VR game that Gamedust has prepared is Spuds Unearthed. It was a very comedic production with lovely Spuds. Real-time strategy, arcade game, and multiplayer are combined here. Despite the very good graphics, the idea turned out to be too complicated, unreadable and it did not meet the expectations of the players.

    After this difficult lesson, Gamedust returned to its roots and created a game based on simple, but original and very refined mechanics. Yupitergrad follows the adventures of a brave cosmonaut repairing a space station and moving around it in a Spider-Man web-slinging style. The polished, fun and very addictive game instantly became one of the most interesting games in the Oculus Quest catalog, as well as on other VR platforms. Gamedust supports this title and develops it with subsequent updates.

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