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    Games Based On Movies Based On Games

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    Video games based on movies that are in turn based on previous games in their respective franchises.

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    Movies based on video games have grown more common since the premiere of Super Mario Bros. However, still rare are video games that are directly based on video game-based movies. In this scenario, an existing game franchise is turned into a movie, and a game based on that movie's story is developed. For example, Street Fighter: The Movie features the Street Fighter characters as they're depicted in the film Street Fighter, rather than on their appearances in Street Fighter II. The game also includes the film-specific character Captain Sawada as a playable character.

    In an unusual circumstance, Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run is a game based on a Spy Hunter movie adaptation that is currently in Development Hell and has yet to be released. The game, however, features a character based on the appearance of Dwayne Johnson, who at the time of the game's development, was to be Spy Hunter's lead.


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