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    Gamescom 2011

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    The 2011 Gamescom takes place at the Cologne Trade Fair Center, Germany from 17-21 of August.

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    Press Conferences

     An archived version of EA's press conference can be seen on Youtube

    Electronic Arts

    • Hosted by Jens Uwe Intat (Senior VP of European Publishing)
    • A trailer for Fifa Street is presented by Gary Paterson (Creative Director) and Andrew Wilson (Executive Vice President, EA SPORTS). Available early 2012. Andrew Wilson confirmed that FIFA Street will be linked to EA SPORTS Football Club and EA SPORTS Season Ticket holders will also get early, full-game access to FIFA Street.
    • Need For Speed: The Run presentation by Jason DeLong (Executive Producer) and a new live demo by Drew Hahn (NFS Community Manager) showing the Rocky Mountains, Colorado.
    • Dr. Ray Muzyka (co-founder, BioWare) takes the stage to dicuss 4 of their upcoming games. Firstly Dragon Age Legends. A play for free RPG for Facebook and Google +
    • A trailer is shown for Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes (BioWare Mythic), a new PvP play for free game for the PC.
    • A cinematic trailer of Star Wars: The Old Republic is shown. A new feature called Operations, similar to raids is revealed. The first operation is shown called The Eternity Vault in a live 8-player stage demo, narrated by Gabe Amatangelo (Lead Gameplay designer) Open beta weekends will start next month.
    • Muzyka moves onto taking about Mass Effect 3 showing a new gameplay trailer called Squad Leader feature Shepard, Garrus and Liara.
    • Todd Batty (Creative Director) takes the stage to discuss SSX. A  new gameplay trailer is shown. Natty announces RiderNet, a similar feature as NFS Autolog engine. Preorder are now being taken on SSX where a special Elise edition can be ordered exclusively at Origin.
    • Jens Intat retakes the stage to talk about the EA Partners program. He introduces Ken Rolston from 38 Studios.
    • Rolston talks about Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning announcing a release date of 7th February 2012 for North America 10th February for Europe. A new trailer is shown.
    • Ragnar Tournquist from Funcom takes the stage to talk about the MMO, The Secret World. Beta sign-up for the game will take place on August 26th. A new trailer cinematic trailer is shown for the game.
    • Andrew Wilson introduces David Rutter (Senior Producer) who talks about FIFA 12. A release date of September 27th a given for North America and September 29th for Europe. A demo will be available on Spetember 13th.
    • Karl Magnus Troedsson (General Manager, DICE) and Patrick Soderlund (EVP, EA Games) just took the stage to talk about Battlefield 3. A new co-op feature is demoed and a multiplayer trailer is shown on screen.


    An archived version of the Sony press conference can be seen at Gamespot  

    • Hosted by Andrew House (Current President and CEO Sony Entertainment Europe)
    • Andrew House introduces Jim Ryan who is going to become President of Sony Entertainment Europe from September 1st. House will move on the become president of Sony Computer Entertainment when Kaz Hirai becomes Chairman.
    • Ryan talks about the social functions of PS Vita showing Near, Party, Live Area. Vita will have its own Trophy system and all games will be downloadable via PSN. Ryan introduces Michael Denny (Senior Vice President of SCE) to talk about Vita games.
    • Denny show a new title Resistance: Burning Skies. A live demo is shown on stage.
    • Trailer for LBP for Vita is shown.
    • A trailer for a new Augumented Reality game is shown, titled Reality Fighters. Dani Naurben (Developer, Novarama) and John McLaughlin (World Wide Studios) present a live stage demo.
    • A Trailer for Escape Plan is shown.
    • Jim Ryan takes the stage to discuss third party software for Vita
    • Ubisoft will have 6 Vita titles. An Assassins Creed game for Vita will feature a new storyline and characters. Coming out 2012. Other Ubisoft games shown are Rayman Origins, Lumines, Asphalt Injection, Michael Jackson: The Experience and Dungeon Hunter.
    • Games from other third party developers coming to the Vita include: Alien Spidy, Bioshock, Call of Duty, Dust 514, FIFA, Stardrone, Treasures of Montezuma: Blitz, Virtua Tennis 4 and Urban Trials.
    • A New PSP model, currently only for Europe named PSP E-1000 will be priced at E99. This model with have no WiFi or 3G support. 
    • Denny now discuss the PS3. FIFA 13 will have full move functionality.
    • A trailer is shown for a new Move title Move Fitness coming later this year. 
    • A trailer is shown for DanceStar Party. Dance group Diversity takes the stage for a performance.
    • Deny mentions that SCEE has an install base of 22 million PS3 units in Europe. 
    • A new graphic trailer is shown for Resistance 3.
    • A Expansion Pack/DLC is annonched for InFamous 2 Titled Festival of Blood. A trailer is shown with a release window of October 2011.
    • Arne Myer (Naughty Dog Community Manager) takes the stage for a new live demo of Uncharted 3.
    • Jim Ryan comes back on stage and announces the Sony 3D TV is coming to Europe this fall for €499 with 2 3D glasses.
    • Andrew House takes the stage the announced a global price cut for the PS3. It will now retail at $249, € 249 and 24,980 Yen. 

    Gamescom Awards

    The Gamescom awards are decided by national and international press and trade representatives. The year the awards will feature 8 categories.  


     Battlefield 3 - DICE / Electronic Arts


    Diablo 3 -  Blizzard Entertainment 


    FIFA 12 - EA Canada / Electronic Arts 


    Uncharted: Golden Abyss - SCE Bend Studio & Naughty Dog / SCEA 


    Star Wars: The Old Republic - BioWare Austin / Electronic Arts 


    The Sims Social - EA Games 

    • The Settlers Online


    Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster - Double Fine Productions / WB Games 


    PlayStation Vita 

    • Datel Power Racer 270 Wireless Racing Wheel  
    • GameTalk Pro-2 Wireless Gaming Headphones 


     It is reported Gamescom will feature 550 exhibitors from 40 countries. Here are a list of notable exhibitors that will attend Gamescom 2011.


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