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    GamiGami Devil

    Character » appears in 3 games

    One of the main antagonists in the PoPoLoCrois RPG series.

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     GamiGami Devil, also known by the name Evil King GamiGami, pesters and trys to thwart Pietro's progress on his journey at every turn. GamiGami is a slightly mentally imbalanced dwarf who, though unable to read or write at the level of a mere child, is a genius with mechanics and computers, creating an army and vast kingdom comprised entirely of robots. He has an inexplicable hatred for Pietro's family (a large part having to do with Pietro's ability to attract all the cute girls!). He has an enormous crush on Pietro's love interest Narcia. In PoPoLoRoGue, GamiGami kidanps a character named Jilva and forces her to roleplay as Narcia. 

    GamiGami eventually learns Narcia's secret, that she actually is Kai, but he is not attracted to her whatsoever for some reason. He remains obsessed with Narcia. 

    He aslo has an intense love for greasy foods. 


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