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Gandrayda, like Samus Aran, Rundas and Ghor, was part of the team of bounty hunters sent to investigate the corruption of Phazon on various planets in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Her birthplace is never noted, but scans seem to suggest she comes from Jovia XII, home to a species of shape-shifting biomorphs of which Gandrayda shares similar traits. She can shape-shift into any sentient being, even ones that dwarf her in size. A young and impetuous Hunter, Gandrayda sees bounty hunting as an enjoyable sport and considers Samus to be her rival, hoping to quickly surpass her in becoming the most successful Hunter in the galaxy. Because of her abilities, she is typically hired for stealth and recon operations, though she is an accomplished combatant and can handle herself in a fight. Space Pirate logs detail her working alongside them, naming her 'Mistress Gandrayda'. It is unclear whether her ambition to surpass Samus made her switch sides before she was eventually corrupted by Phazon, or if she was simply working with them because she was under the control of Dark Samus after being corrupted.

At the beginning of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Gandrayda, along with fellow Hunters Samus, Ghor and Rundas, is summoned to the GFS Olympus in orbit above Norion to be briefed on her mission to investigate the sudden corruption of several Aurora Units by Phazon. Shortly after, the Olympus is attacked by the Space Pirates. After battling on the Olympus itself, Gandrayda and the other Hunters go to the surface of Norion in order to reactivate the planets defense cannon in an effort to stop a Leviathan from hitting the surface. After helping Samus clear Generator C of hostiles, she returns to the control tower with the other Hunters, where they are attacked by Dark Samus, who fires a concentrated burst of Phazon at them, causing them all to fall unconscious.

Gandrayda awakes two weeks later, finding out that her body is naturally producing Phazon, and is fitted with a PED (Phazon Enhancement Device) by the Galactic Federation in order to regulate the Phazon, allowing her to channel it to increase her strength and speed. She is sent to locate the Space Pirate base, infiltrate it, and return with any data that may be useful to the Aurora Unit investigation. She succeeds in finding the previously unknown Space Pirate homeworld, but the Federation loses contact with her shortly after. When Samus is sent to locate Gandrayda, she receives a distress transmission from a Federation Marine while exploring the Pirate homeworld. After reaching the Marine and aiding him with activating an elevator allowing them to progress, he turns out to be a Phazon-man Gandrayda in disguise, who is itching for a fight with her, initiating a boss fight.

Battling a cloaked Gandrayda
Battling a cloaked Gandrayda
Gandrayda is extremely agile and jumps and flips around the arena, making her difficult to target. Samus must be wary of her position on the arena, as well, as only part of it is under shelter. If she strays too far to the edges, the acid rain will greatly damage her. Gandrayda will fire purple discs of energy that short out Samus' visor for a second if they hit, as well as sending a wave of energy that can be dodged. Gandrayda will also jump onto Samus and attempt to strangle or slap at her, but she can be shaken off by shaking the wiimote and nunchuk. After taking a little damage, Gandrayda will transform into various other forms, including a Berserker Knight, Aerotrooper, and a swarm of insectoid robots that swarm Samus like a whirlwind. While she is in these forms, she is a little easier to damage than in her real form, as they are slower and larger targets, except for the swarm of robots, which should be screw-attacked through to deal Gandrayda considerable damage. After a while, she will open part of the roof, leaving less room for Samus to battle in due to the acid rain. She maintains the same sort of attack patterns but will now transform into both Rundas and Ghor as well as the above forms. These can be damaged in the same way as you defeated these bosses earlier, and are a good time to use Hypermode on Gandrayda, as again, they are larger and slower targets. When her health drops below 50% she will cut away more of the ceiling and transform into Samus, using her morphball and and boost ball abilities. After dealing enough damage to her Samus form, Gandrayda will then cloak herself, going into Hypermode. She gains a new attack in this form, an energy fan that she will throw or strike you in close quarters with. You can follow her actions with the X-Ray visor when she is cloaked, but before long she will send out a wave of energy to disrupt it, forcing you to take down the visor. After a seemingly endless battle, Gandrayda will fall, her body morphing uncontrollably. Samus looks away and clenches her fist in rage as she is absorbed by the shadowy apparition of Dark Samus, leaving behind the Grapple Voltage powerup.

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